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    David C


    I have just installed BPS Pro on several of my own web sites after experiencing a wordpress sql injection attack on some sites, resulting in a Spamming complaint from my web host.

    This is on sites I thought were protected by a pro version of another security suite.

    Question is, after installing with standard settings, will the quarantine effectively find any suspicious files in each of the sites now protected by BPS, including non-wordpress files?

    Is it ok to use just the standard settings in most cases? (Obviously, some will need tweaking, as I just found out when searching for an answer to why Headway Themes slider wouldn’t work initially, so at least the forum answers work).

    Sorry for the question – I am new to the software and want to understand what it can and can’t do – even if it’s a bit “after the horse has bolted.”

    AITpro Admin

    Have you already cleaned up/dehacked/restored your websites/hosting account?  BPS Pro does not automatically clean up hacked websites and hosting accounts and neither can any other plugins even if they claim that they can do that – that is just not possible to do with a plugin.  See this forum topic for more info:

    To answer the question about which files/folders ARQ protects.  By default ARQ will check all WordPress folders and files:  root website files (both WordPress and non-WordPress files /public_html/), wp-content, wp-admin and wp-includes.  If you want to monitor/check other folders under you hosting account you would use the AutoRestore Add|Exclude Other Folders & Files Tools.

    The AutoRestore|Quarantine Guide is here: and you will find video tutorials here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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