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    I am currently using BP version 47.7 and looking to upgrade to the Pro version. 
    I am currently using this service on several WordPress sites. I am currently using to manage some of my sites with (makes life a lot similar for me). ManageWP uses its own WordPress plugin called a helper that allows me access to that WordPress site from the ManageWP control panel. Obviously this is from another server/IP address. This seems like a simple straight forward question (with an obvious answer, but I just need to confirm), I take it, I will be able to white-list this plugin (and its remote IP) to allow this service to still have access, correct?
    Thought’s on this would be greatly appreciated. Roy

    AITpro Admin

    If this plugin is designed anything like wp remote then yes you should be able to perform remote tasks without them being blocked.  And if there is something that is being blocked then yes you would be able to Whitelist it.  I do not think anyone has ever mentioned this plugin/service to me before so that usually indicates that there is not an existing issue/problem. And if it turns out that there is some issue/problem then I will provide a solution. Thanks.


    OK, good news when I purchase and get it all loaded up I will give feedback to how it all went and problems, if any.

    karlo winston

    Did your concern resolved and did it work in your end? I have a small website being develop by, a cheap web design service company… but I am thinking to have similar idea.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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