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    Paulin Halenria


    On one of my blogs, we use to diffuse podcasts. As the mp3 files used for podcasting are too heavy to be sent through WordPress Upload Feature, the users are using ftp to store files in wp-content/uploads/podcasts/emission/

    I don’t like the idea of stop checking the content of the whole folder, specially as there is an ftp access available, but I’d like to exclude just mp3 files in this folder. Is is a possible task for AutoQuarantine ?


    AITpro Admin

    AutoRestore/Quarantine does not check the /uploads folder by default since the Uploads Anti-Exploit Guard (UAEG) is already protecting the uploads folder.

    The mp3 file type/extension is not blocked or restricted by UAEG because mp3 files cannot be tampered with/hijacked/exploited/hacked.

    Update:  A new Uploads Anti-Exploit Guard (UAEG) Read Me First Sticky Topic has been created in the link below.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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