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    So something in the htaccess files is causing the the PHP files to be downloaded instead of run. I’ve been trying to “clean out” all the BPS htaccess lines and start from scratch to figure out what’s been causing it. I’ve had to disable the MBM, WBM, and RBM bulletproof modes to keep my site running. If any of those things are turned on then the htaccess files keeps getting rewritten and adding something that’s creating the issue.


    I’ll admit it’s something I did. I was followed the link below to permit using curl and stuff to read the site. When I added that to the root BPSQSE section, clicked the “Save Root Custom Code” button, and then the “Activate” button for the RBM is when it started downloading the PHP files.


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    This forum Reply has been posted again with typos fixed – original reply time was 8:43am.

    The problem is being caused by either missing or invalid php/php.ini handler htaccess code in your root htaccess file.  I see from your previous forum topic posts that you have BlueHost web hosting.  This forum topic > explains the exact php/php.ini htaccess code problem that is occurring for BlueHost web hosting and the solution. Let me know if you run into problems following the steps.


    Yeah, I already did that one and it’s in there. But, still having issues.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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