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    I have an issue on my website with BPS Pro which happened many times for NO good reason:

    when I try to log in with the right login and the right password (I copy / paste with no space…), I get a message telling me that this information is wrong, and I get blocked after 3 attempts…

    I asked to my hosting provider if there is any issue about the hosting or whatever, and they tell me that it comes from BPS, because when the plugin is deactivated, I can log in at first attempt (with exactly the same login and password)…

    So how can we fix it definitively ?


    You are using the Restrict Content Pro plugin, which creates a custom Login page and Login Form. The Restrict Content Pro plugin takes over login processing and I assume is overriding BPS Login Security. Normally you can only have 1 plugin or theme feature handling login security, otherwise there will be a direct conflict since both plugin features are doing something very similar. Choose one or the other Login Security feature in either plugin. You may be able to use this BPS Login Security Option: Logging Options: Log All User Account Logins instead of the Log Only User Account Lockouts option setting. Try switching to this Logging option setting and see if it will work with the Restrict Content Pro custom Login page and custom Login Form. If this Logging option setting does not work then you will need to turn Off BPS Login Security since the Restrict Content Pro plugin is overriding BPS Login Security.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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