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    Jeff M

    I followed the directions listed “copied below” and the static message alert does not turn off:

    First Install / Launch S-Monitor Notification
    To turn this static message alert off after Activating BPS and to turn on all other BPS Alerts Click Here to go to the S-Monitor Monitoring and Alerting page.
    BPS Alerts will not be displayed until you click the S-Monitor Save Options button the first time you install BPS. Click the Save Options button for Email & Log File options also.
    Click on the Whats New Menu Link after installing BPS Pro for the first time and when upgrading BPS for general help tips and information and what has been changed or added in each new version of BPS Pro.

    AITpro Admin

    OUTDATED INFO: no longer in use or valid
    There is only 1 static alert which is the static alert message that you have posted. On the S-Monitor page you will see this dropdown select option:  First Install / Launch S-Monitor Notification (Static Alert). When you choose the Turn Off Displayed Alert option setting and click the Save Options button is the Static Alert still displayed to you?

    The dropdown select has 3 option settings:
    Turn Off Displayed Alert
    Display Alert in WP Dashboard
    Display Alert in BPS Only

    Jeff M

    everything is turned on and saved. see screenshot; http://screencast.com/t/8XkeVXkaWO

    wouldn’t that make the nag go away?

    Here is the nag: http://screencast.com/t/UCENH62tZ88y

    And here are the other notifications: http://screencast.com/t/jluwoVe5l6P

    I haven’t figured out the php ini stuff.

    AITpro Admin

    OUTDATED INFO: no longer in use or valid
    Yeah that 1 Static Alert is a bit confusing.  What it is designed to do is to get folks to the S-Monitor page so that they will not miss this critical/essential setup step.  It is purely designed as a way to ensure that someone cannot forget to visit the S-Monitor page and save their monitoring and alerting options.

    In your screenshot the  is set to Display Alert in WP Dashboard. Select the Turn Off Displayed Alert dropdown setting and click the Save Options button and the Static Alert will be turned Off.  All of the other alerting options in S-Monitor are real time alerting options and none of them are static like this one is.

    Here is a link to the Video Tutorials page:  http://www.ait-pro.com/aitpro-blog/2841/bulletproof-security-pro/bulletproof-security-pro-overview-video-tutorial/  which has a BPS Pro setup video tutorial that makes BPS Pro setups a no-brainer.

    We have been having issues with Download Key emails not being received lately and it is because the automated emails are being sent in HTML format and a lot of them are being flagged as Spam or Junk email.  We are in the process of changing all automated emails to be sent in Plain Text format only.  The reason I am mentioning this is that in your automated Download Key email that you received (or maybe did not receive due to the recent email issues with HTML formatted emails) you should have received a link to the BPS Pro Video Tutorials page.

    Hint/TIP:  Once you have everything setup and ensured that no plugin script errors are being logged in your Security Log you can turn Off the Security Log alerts in your Dashboard.  The Security/HTTP Error Log makes it very easy to check and see if plugin scripts are being blocked by the Plugin Firewall and need to be whitelisted, but there is no point in getting a Security alert displayed to you everytime a junk bot, spam bot or hacker is being blocked.  😉  The AITpro websites get on average 1,500 of these logged events per day so we have the Security Log Dashboard alert turned Off.  😉

    Jeff M

    I appreciate the heads up and tips. I do. Thank you.

    Security is a tough nut and not easy to make easy. I will look at the videos.

    I went around and around trying and testing the best security plugin, and it is yours. I tried the firewall tester and it seemed to come back with no warnings. I added me as an administrator to the white list. To make sure that I am doing it correctly, is there a particular plugin that does need to be white listed?

    I am starting to get those warnings that you mentioned, but didn’t realize that I’d want to turn that off once I got my own stuff white listed. That’s for pointing that out.

    Some security plugin offer a kind of bot setting, after some threshold of bad behavior, they either blacklist them or lock them out for some of time. For me I just prefer they go into a black hole and black listed or something.  They seem to take up more of my bandwidth then my legit visitors, especially on new sites. May I ask what kind of bot behavior are you protecting me from. Spam bots, bots that try to guess my password, bots that to hack in via brute force?

    This sort of leads me to another post I was going to write to you, but I guess I’ll just follow up here.

    You plugin makes up the core of my site’s security. First off , is that wise? Should I consider other protection? I don’t want to overlap features. There are a lot of plugins that do bits and pieces of what yours does.

    If I wanted to get rid of trackback spam, do I need something like Simple Trackback Validation, or am I covered by BPS. Or, if I want to block malicious bots from  that try to hack into my sites do I need other coverage like from SpyderSpanker Pro, or to stop registration spam do I need something like Stop Spammer Registrations or a I am human check box? Does BPS Pro protect from scrapers and spogers or is there something you can suggest.

    Security is a broad issue and while I feel comfortable using your Pro plugin as the basis of all my security, do you suggest other protections or should I consider other protections.

    The answer is probably not as straightforward as I’d like it to be. If you don’t mind, pretend I’m your best friend or mother, what would you advice me to use in addition to your plugin?



    AITpro Admin

    UPDATE:  BPS Pro now includes Login Security & Monitoring, JTC Anti-Spam|Anti-Hacker and DB Backup, which do all of the things in all of these other plugins and more and/or better.

    I recommend that you install a Login Protection plugin a Backup plugin and SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam.  Login Protection will be created/added to BPS Pro in version 5.8.  We currently use BPS Pro, SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam, Theme My Login and BackWPup for security and disaster recovery.

    As far as the other plugins go that you mentioned I am not familiar with them so I cannot offer any advice about them.  BPS Pro is very efficient memory wise and resource wise and is optimized with maximum website performance as a primary goal so there is not going to be any issues with maxing out your memory if you decide to install other/additional security measures.  Personally I feel that 20-30 plugins should be the maximum number of plugins installed on any WordPress website.

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