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    Hi Edward,

    I just came accross an article of a guy who is very knowledgeable about WordPress security.

    In this article, he mentions BPS Free in not very glowing terms.

    Let me quote him:

    “Cool name but I’m not a fan. Really clumsy outdated UI right off the bat. Seriously, the UI is a MAJOR turnoff. They make even basic functions look super complicated. The “features” layout is so confusing and unorganized. And why the heck am I seeing CSS styling options throughout security settings? Oh and the scan didn’t find anything whereas other plugins did.”

    I don’t care much about his comment on the UI, but much more about the scan efficiency.

    Also, do you see what he means when he talks about the CSS styling options that supposedly have nothing to do here?

    If you want to exercise your right to reply, feel free to put a comment below his article:



    AITpro Admin

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I spent minimal time on the BPS UI|UX and focused on website security instead.  I agree that the BPS UI|UX needs work. Interesting comment about the BPS malware scanner since typically it finds things that other malware scanners do not find, but what it finds is too advanced for the average user to figure out.  Originally I created MScan as a gimmick since people believe that website malware scanners are an effective security feature, which of course is false.  Website malware scanners should be used as a basic tool to find obvious hacker files and code.  The fact that he is so focused on website malware scanners is a dead giveaway that he doesn’t know that they are child’s play to beat by a hacker worth his/her salt. 😉  Any hacker worth his/her salt can beat any/all website malware scanners using obfuscation.  BPS Pro has something far superior to any/all malware scanners > AutoRestore Quarantine IDPS.  ARQ IDPS is 100% accurate and 100% reliable.  I have no idea what he means by CSS styling options.  Anyway thanks for the laugh.  🙂

    Note:  I’ll leave his link to his website because every now and then I need a good laugh. 😉


    lol ok 🙂

    But if you consider the information is missleading, you are in your right to inform his readers.

    He also made a YouTube video comparing several plugins and mentions yours at this exact timeframe:

    I already know you won’t like what he has to say but if you can go beyond his disparaging remarks, you’ll see a (let’s say) spontaneous feedback from someone seeing the plugin for the first time.


    AITpro Admin

    I looked around his site and he is very knowledgeable in the server config realm and has several other areas of expertise, but yeah obviously not a website security expert.  😉  I kind of like his blunt sarcastic way of stating things.  I find it amusing and refreshing.  He definitely tells it like he sees it.  So I respect him for that and am not hung up on his wording, which leans a bit on the negative side.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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