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    Set up BPS Pro 4/10/2013 – all has been wonderful – little to no traffic as it tends to be a test spot for a webmaster (who doesn’t use it a lot).

    Testing all went fine after setup and 1 error logged within a day and that was, and is it.

    Today, we got 15 emails in the space of 20 minutes stating a logged error had occurred, until I could get up and see what was up and turn off email alerts for a while.

    There were no log entries whatsoever beyond the first one. No one has touched anything.  What was that???

    Action taken: I turned off ARQ, updated some plugins and theme, backed up files, reset Lock of .htaccess as notified to do (double entry in red) then turned the email alerts back on. Nothing yet…  but what should I be looking for so I can avoid it on the other sites? [If you might know already.]

    Thank you again.


    Addendum: Just now got 8 more coming in…..  in the last 10 mins.

    AITpro Admin

    You are talking about S-Monitor Security Log email alerts (shown below) and not S-Monitor AutoRestore/Quarantine email alerts correct?  You should probably keep Security Log alerts set to Do Not Send Email Alerts, unless like you said you have a low traffic site and want to monitor this.  On a high traffic site it would be the same as spamming yourself if you had this set to Send Email Alerts since security log entries happen all day every day.  😉

    S-Monitor >>> Security Log: New Log Entry Has Been Logged

    Test your Security Log and make sure it is working/logging errors.  This is a simple test that should generate a 403 error and log the error.  Do this test with a page, post, topic or category URL and not your Home page URL to check at least one level deep. Add index.php?src=sp_executesql after your URL in your Browser address bar as shown below.




    The B-Core – Security log.  The last 8 emails at least logged 4 alerts in the log itself – an improvement.

    All called for wp-admin or login requests.

    No administrators had tried to log in.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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