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    D Joseph

    Hello, I have BPS Pro installed, and am trying to get SEO Ultimate functioning correctly. I hadn’t been into my site in a while and I had some trouble upgrading WP to the latest version today. After a few attempts I got it back to normal. However, in the process I lost the ability to use SEO Ultimate. Every time I install it, it gives me a Fata Error message in WP admin. In the error log file it has su errors related to SEO Ultimate.I’ve worn myself out trying to set things right, (locking, unlocking, saving, backing up, restoring, reinstalling the SEO plugin). A few months ago I remember a BPS Pro problem that (I think) had something to do with su errors. (I had a similar issue that I fixed by reading a BPS Pro answer in the forum, but can’t remember what it was.) So I was wondering if SEO Ultimate not working has anything to do with BPS? And either way, what steps should I take to install the SEO Ultimate with BPS Pro activated? Thanks, D Joseph

    AITpro Admin

    I checked the SEO Ultimate plugin forum on the site and see that someone else has posted that they are getting a fatal error.  Is this the error message you are seeing?  Please confirm that this is the error you are seeing or if it is not then post the error message you are seeing.

    Fatal error: Class ‘suwp’ not found in /home/xxx/public_html/sitename/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/ on line 230

    I will install the SEO Ultimate plugin and see if there are any issues/conflicts/problems with BPS Pro.

    AITpro Admin

    Using the String Finder tool in BPS Pro Pro-Tools I see that this plugin uses the WordPress flush_rewrite_rules function.  If your root .htaccess file is not locked then what will happen is that your root .htaccess file code will be overwritten with generic htaccess code, which will break your page and post URLs causing 404 errors.  This probably does not have anything to do with the fatal error problem.  I have installed and tested generally for any issues/conflicts/problems and did not see a fatal error.  There are of course a lot of settings in the SEO Ultimate plugin that I did not test.  AT this point, generally it does not appear that there are any conflicts between the 2 plugins.

    C:\\xampp2\\htdocs10\\demo3/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/permalinks/permalinks.php, line 32
    add_action("created_$taxonomy", array(&$this, 'flush_rewrite_rules'));
    C:\\xampp2\\htdocs10\\demo3/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/permalinks/permalinks.php, line 33
    add_action("edited_$taxonomy", array(&$this, 'flush_rewrite_rules'));
    C:\\xampp2\\htdocs10\\demo3/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/permalinks/permalinks.php, line 34
    add_action("delete_$taxonomy", array(&$this, 'flush_rewrite_rules'));
    C:\\xampp2\\htdocs10\\demo3/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/permalinks/permalinks.php, line 40
    add_action('wp_insert_post', array(&$this, 'flush_rewrite_rules'));
    C:\\xampp2\\htdocs10\\demo3/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/permalinks/permalinks.php, line 54
    remove_action("created_$taxonomy", array(&$this, 'flush_rewrite_rules'));
    C:\\xampp2\\htdocs10\\demo3/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/permalinks/permalinks.php, line 55
    remove_action("edited_$taxonomy", array(&$this, 'flush_rewrite_rules'));
    C:\\xampp2\\htdocs10\\demo3/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/permalinks/permalinks.php, line 56
    remove_action("delete_$taxonomy", array(&$this, 'flush_rewrite_rules'));
    C:\\xampp2\\htdocs10\\demo3/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/permalinks/permalinks.php, line 62
    remove_action('wp_insert_post', array(&$this, 'flush_rewrite_rules'));
    C:\\xampp2\\htdocs10\\demo3/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/permalinks/permalinks.php, line 69
    C:\\xampp2\\htdocs10\\demo3/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/permalinks/permalinks.php, line 134
    C:\\xampp2\\htdocs10\\demo3/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/permalinks/permalinks.php, line 137
    function flush_rewrite_rules() {
    AITpro Admin

    Did you by any chance update anything while AutoRestore was turned On or did not click the AutoRestore Backup Files buttons before turning AutoRestore back On?  Also since the new Plugin Firewall was added to BPS Pro we are recommending that folks exclude the plugins folder from being checked by AutoRestore/Quarantine.

    D Joseph

    Thanks for your reply. I’ll check what you said this weekend and post the results here. (Working 2 long nights.)

    AITpro Admin

    For now what I recommend you do is Turn Off AutoRestore, manually upload the SEO Ultimate plugin files to your website by downloading the zip file from the plugin site, unzipping it on your computer, FTP all SEO Ultimate plugin files to the SEO Ultimate plugin folder, go to the BPS AutoRestore page, click the wp-content Backup Files button and then turn AutoRestore back On.  Logically what I am guessing/thinking is that a file or files might be missing from that plugin’s folder.  Worth a shot anyway.

    D Joseph

    I did as you suggested, got a fresh download of SEO Ultimate and reinstalled it by FTP, followed your steps. Then I got a few more things set up in BPS Pro, and everything looked good. Just as I was about to come back and tell you that, I got it again. Now I’m locked out of WP and my site is blank, even though I deleted the SEO Ultimate altogether and cleared my browser cache. I think it’ll be easiest to manually reinstall WP for now and leave SEO Ultimate out of the mix (Shame – it was a nice plugin.)  I was hoping to be past this point because I have a few more questions about BPS Pro after this. Here is the error I got, what do you think?
    Fatal Error
    (hide details) (remove)
    The site encountered a problem that it cannot recover from. Please use the following information to try to resolve the problem.
    Error Message
    Fatal Error: Call to undefined method suwp::get_post_type_objects() in /home/letseco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/ on line 1029
    The SEO Ultimate plugin code created an error that caused PHP execution to fail.
    The code tried to run a function that doesn’t exist (suwp::get_post_type_objects()). This type of error is typically caused by a simple typo (is_hom() rather than is_home()), by calling a function provided by a plugin when that plugin is not activated, by calling a function before it is ready (such as calling a function before the code that creates it has run), or by using a function that no longer exists (the function may have been removed from WordPress core or the plugin/theme that previously supplied it).

    Invalid code modifications can cause this problem. If you have made any modifications to the plugin, remove them and try to load the site again.
    It is possible that this plugin’s code is out of date and that an upgrade is available. Check with the plugin’s author to see if an upgrade is available.
    There may be a conflict with another plugin running on the site. Try upgrading the other plugins on the site. A plugin conflict can be ruled out by deactivating all the other active plugins on the site and checking to see if the error still occurs.
    The SEO Ultimate plugin may not have been fully uploaded. Uploading the plugin again could fix the issue. Important: If you do this, you will lose any modifications made to the plugin.

    Error Source Details




    SEO Ultimate




    SEO Design Solutions





    Other Software Details

    WordPress Version


    PHP Version


    Full Error Details


    Fatal Error (E_ERROR)


    Call to undefined method suwp::get_post_type_objects()





    Type Description

    This type of error indicates that PHP cannot continue to run the code. Typical causes of this type of error are code bugs that have typos, missing or incomplete files (such as a file that was only partially uploaded), and the code using more memory than it is allowed.

    AITpro Admin

    Yep this is the exact error for the SEO Ultimate plugin in this plugin’s forum on the site.  This may or may not be related to BPS and may just be some coding problem in the plugin.  I will test this plugin and see whether or not this has to do with BPS or not.  Thanks.

    AITpro Admin

    Actually this plugin has already been tested and no issues or conflicts with BPS were found besides the flush_rewrite_rules issue.  So either this plugin is conflicting with some other plugin on your website or some other code as the error message indicates.

    Was AutoRestore turned Off during the process of uploading the plugin files?  If you turned AutoRestore back On did you click the AutoRestore wp-content Backup Files button before turning AutoRestore back On?


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    Any known incompatibility issues or special considerations to take into account before installing SEO Ultimate plugin with BPS Pro installed. TIA

    AITpro Admin

    @ AbZu – This forum topic is several years old. So this issue is the only known issue with the WP flush_rewrite_rules() function, which may or may not still exist.  Let us know if you run into any issues/problems.

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