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    Living Miracles

    Hi again,

    I just tested again the issue with ARQ turning off during plugin/theme updates via ManageWP. Do you have any other idea, why ARQ would be turning off when updating plugins/themes via ManageWP. ARQ goes through its normal process fine when making updates via the WordPress backend.

    I’d be happy to contact ManageWP with something specific if that’s helpful, but I’m not sure how to address this with them at the moment. But I’d really like to use ManageWP for updates as it saves me a lot of time and has generally worked really well with ARQ.



    AITpro Admin

    ARQ is supposed to automatically get turned Off when remote plugin/theme updates are done via ManageWP remotely. The problem is that ARQ is not being automatically turned back On after doing plugin/theme updates remotely via ManageWP correct?  BPS Pro ARQ and ManageWP both hook into the WordPress Upgrader class.  So that means that even remote installations done via ManageWP should work the same as local plugin/theme updates from your WordPress Dashboard.  Previously I stated that something must be interfering with the normal functionality of ARQ Automation.  It could be a Cron issue/problem or something else that is preventing the ARQ Automation Cron from turning itself back On after handling a remote plugin/theme update made by ManageWP.  Unfortunately, this not something that I can test by logging into your website since ManageWP updates/installation are done remotely via the ManageWP site.

    Are you waiting long enough for the ARQ Automation Cron to turn itself back On?  It could take up to 3 minutes for that to happen.


    Living Miracles

    Hi there, thanks. Yes, I’m definitely waiting long enough. ARQ simply turns off after a few minutes of being “Pending”. Then I have to manually turn it on again. I’m currently in communication with SiteGround, where these sites are hosted. They’ll try to duplicate the issue 🙂 I’ll send them your last response to me. Maybe that will help them narrow down what’s happening.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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