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    Paul D.

    I noticed that after cloning sites, those sites inherit the path of  “String Replacer / Remover Log File” located at the bottom part of in PHP.ini Options tab in P-Security.. what does this file actually do ?



    Should I need to update the path to the current directory (/home/nameofdirectory/ etc etc)


    AITpro Admin

    When you add the String Replacer log file path to the File Manager you are saving that path to your database.  So when you clone the site the old path to the old site will be in your new site’s database.  The correct path for the new site is displayed to you above the File Manager and you can copy and paste that path to overwrite the old site’s path.

    I just picked any logical file name to add to a File Manager text box to get folks aware of the File Manager itself.  During the BPS Pro setup there are intentional click here links to various pages in BPS Pro.  The general idea is just to make folks aware of what is in BPS Pro.  Kind of like a general overiew of BPS Pro just to get familiar with BPS Pro.  So with all that said the String Replacer log file does not play any important role or do anything overall and is just a randomly and logically chosen file path to add to the File Manager.

    To see what the String Replacer actually does go to Pro-Tools and click on the String Replacer/Remover tab page and click on the Blue Read Me help button.

    For your Clone Master copy you could just enter this instead of the String Replacer Label and Path:  Label:  Clone Master and then Path:  This is just a placeholder for the Clone Master.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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