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    please I’d like to ask your help in solving this issue.I’m a Bluehost account holder.  My root domain is (I put here a fake name, just to give you an example that we can follow in the reasoning) “”, and I have a wordpress site running on it. Thanks to a probably bad suggestion, I installed WordPress in the subfolder: (root folder of site)/sitenet/123files.Then I have other domains installed in my bluehost account: each of them has its own wordpress installed, because they act as separate sites.

    But for bluehost, they’re technically subdomains: in fact, not only their files are in subfolders of my root domain (for example, the domain “” files are in the subfolder: (root folder of site)/othersite. But also these domains are reachable typing either URL (going back to the “” example): and also So they’re true subdomains. (I believe their domain name simply points to these subdomains of

    Here comes my question (thanks for bearing with me): when I try to install Bulletproof to these subdomains, from inside the WordPress control panel of – for example –, I get the error message that Bulletproof plugin cannot find the ht access file in the wp-admin folder. Indeed, the htaccess for that site is in: (root folder of site)/othersite subfolder; not in (root folder of site)/othersite/wp-admin subfolder.How am I supposed to install Bulletproof to these subdomains?

    Thanks a lot for bearing with me, I’m aware I’m probably asking you to deal with quite a complicated issue. But if you could help me I’d be very grateful.Many thanks.

    Best regards,Letizia Farisato

    AITpro Admin

    True subdomains are created like this below.  Subdomain websites are Root website installations even though they are installed in a subfolder off of the root domain/root website.

    In this example the primary domain is and the subdomain site is example-subdomain.

    You create a folder named /example-subdomain under the website root folder / primary domain of

    You create a DNS A Record to point to this sudomain folder.

    Your WordPress Settings >>> General settings would be these for this subdomain site:

    WordPress Address (URL)

    Site Address (URL)

    BPS works fine on subdomain sites as long as they are setup correclty.  If BPS is telling you that it cannot find files because you have not setup your subdomain site correctly then you will need to setup your subdomain site correctly before BPS will work correctly.


    Thanks for replying. I actually used Bluehost control panel tool to create my subdomains, plus I used Simple Scripts to install WordPress on my subdomains, I didn’t perform any manual installation. The subdomains you describe correspond to mine, in fact I had explained that already in my previous post. It’s not that the BPS “cannot find files”: it cannot find the htaccess file. The installations I get when using Bluehost tools, create htacces file in the site root folder, not in the wp-admin folder as BPS is asking. I don’t know, maybe these bluehost  tools  to generate subdomains don’t work properly, that’s all I can say after reading your reply.
    I guess I must give up on installing BPS, at this point. I hoped I’d find some support here . Like  you  telling me if I can generate an htaccess file in the wp-admin folder or something. I’m not an expert, I tried to describe “my puzzle” the best I could – obvioulsy not well enough – seeking some guidance about your plugin. Thanks anyway. Take care.

    AITpro Admin

    Hmm I did not ask you if you did the BPS setup steps and from your subdomain description/explanation it was possible that you might not have setup your subdomains correctly.  I was not really sure from reading your description so I wanted to make sure the basics of creating a subdomain were done correctly.  The explanation is a bit confusing so yeah I took a logical guess at what might be the issue.  😉  In general, BPS works fine on sudomain installations of WordPress.  This Forum is a subdomain site and BPS Pro is installed on it.

    BPS setup steps:
    1. Activate All BulletProof Modes.


    NOTE:  These BPS setup steps can be found in the Blue Read Me help button on the BPS Security Modes page with additional details.

    Thank you.


    Why isn’t my subdomain working?

    The primary explanation for a Cloudflare subdomain not functioning on the website is that you haven’t yet added it to the domain’s zone file. Follow the steps below to add your subdomain:
    1) log in to your Cloudflare account.
    2) Choose the domain from the drop-down menu choice on the top left.

    I also did it for my  tow service new york  website and it works

    nuheda ggambe

    I had experienced a similar issue at a company named .You have not setup your subdomain site correctly then you will need to setup your subdomain site correctly before BPS will work correctly.

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