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    Tina Dubinsky


    I’ve just run the latest update on two of my websites and the admin area screen size has reduced on both after doing the BPS Pro update. Instead of being full width it changes the admin screen size to about 3/4 width of my screen (guessing the size). I’m a bit blind, so I wouldn’t mind having the full width capability back (and I just think it looks and feels nicer ).  Happy to upload before and after pictures if needed.



    Tina Dubinsky

    So I’ve worked out its the BPS toolbar that’s causing the issue. If I go and change a few of the status bars notifications to display only in BPS and not on the dashboard, the dashboard size returns to normal.

    AITpro Admin

    That was accident.  Sorry about that.  We temporarily created CSS max-width code to create new BPS Pro screenshots and forgot to remove that temporary CSS code.  The temporary CSS code has been removed and new BPS Pro zip files have been uploaded to the API server.  You can either do a forced BPS Pro upgrade or a manual BPS Pro upgrade to reinstall BPS Pro.

    Forced BPS Pro upgrade/reinstall:
    1. Go to the WordPress Plugins > Editor page.
    2. At the top right of the Edit Plugins page click the Select plugin to edit: dropdown list and choose BulletProof Security Pro and click the Select button.
    3. Edit the “Version: 13.3.2” text in the bulletproof-security.php file and change it to this: Version: 13. Scroll down and click the Update File button.
    4. Go to the WordPress Plugins page, click the WordPress Plugins menu link several times to reload the Plugins Page until you see a new BPS Pro 13.3.2 update is available and then upgrade again.

    Manual BPS Pro upgrade/reinstall:
    1. Download the BPS Pro zip file from the AITpro.com Secure Download Area.
    2. Under the BPS Pro Setup Main menu, click the Upload Zip Install submenu link.
    3. Click the Choose File button, navigate to where you downloaded the bulletproof-security.zip file on your computer (Note: the zip file MUST be named bulletproof-security.zip) and click the Install Zip Now button.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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