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    Chris Moon

    Ed I’m see this fatal error being repeated on one of my sites; what should I be looking for to fix it?

    [14-Nov-2014 04:50:02 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bulletproof-security/includes/db-security.php on line 726


    AITpro Admin

    Is this php error reoccurring? Do you see this php error repeated several times in your php error log or did the php error just happen once?
    Go to the DB Monitor page >>> DB Status & Info tab >>> post this info:  DB Total Size is:   X
    Under the SHOW GLOBAL DB Status table post this info:  >>> Queries per Second: X >>> Queries per Minute: X
    Perform a manual DB Backup. Did the same php Fatal error occur?

    Chris Moon

    The error is recurring
    DB Total Size is: 85.27 MB / 87,319 KB
    Queries per Second: 34.28
    Queries per Minute: 2056.8
    The error re-occured after a manual DB backup.
    There are only 2 plugins installed on this site:
    BPS Pro
    MainWP Child
    These 2 plugins are installed on all my other 14 sites without problems

    AITpro Admin

    Ok it is nothing obvious based on the things I asked you to post so instead of listing all the other things you can check with BPS Pro tools I would like to login to this site and figure out what the problem is.  I suspect you have a damaged or corrupt Database Table somewhere in your Database.  Create a temporary Administrator login and send the login to edward [at] ait-pro [dot] com.  Once I figure out what the problem is I will either fix it if it is fairly simple and quick or if it is a bigger problem with your Database or something else I can at least give you the information you will need to take care of that problem.

    AITpro Admin

    Logged into this site.

    The problem is that you have WordPress and non-WordPress database tables / table prefixes. See the attached Excel spreadsheet that I sent to you via email. BPS Pro DB Backup is designed specifically for WordPress and will work to backup other DB tables for 3rd party applications, BUT the db table prefix name would need to be the same as your WordPress database table prefix:  xxxxxxxx_

    I do not think you can just rename the database tables without also changing the database table name in your 3rd party applications.

    I was able to successfully create a manual WordPress DB backup by ONLY selecting ONLY WordPress database tables and not any of the other non-WordPress database tables.

    So your options are:
    • Either manually change your 3rd party application database table prefix names in your database and in the 3rd party applications
    • Only backup WordPress database tables and NOT the 3rd party database tables.

    I recommend that you create an automated scheduled backup for ONLY WordPress database tables by creating a backup job that is only backing up WordPress database tables. Do a standard phpMyAdmin Database backup for all of your other 3rd party application database tables since adding the additional code that would be necessary for your 3rd party applications to use the WordPress database table prefix would require mid-level coding knowledge.

    Chris Moon

    Yes I’ve got Piwick and had a couple of other tools installed.

    Thanks Ed for for your advice, I can see from the Excel spreadsheet that these non WP tables look like the left overs of tools I’d deleted so I can safetly get rid of them and thanks for the tips of using the same WP table prefix for new DBs I’ll keep that in mind.

    all the best,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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