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    Installed Free version first on WordPress 4.4 and all was well.

    Purchased upgrade and installed as instructed – now the issues started.

    1. Load time takes forever to navagate from one screen to another
    2. Most of the time I get a white screen and the status bar in the browser shows busy, yet nothing happens.
    3. After a white I get a Cloudflair error of 525 stating it couldn’t communicate with the site, but was with the server.
    4. Need to wait a while to log back in to the admin area and again load time is very long.
    5. Deactivated all the plugins other than BulletProof – no changes – slow load and white screen when switching from one screen to another.
    6. Checked memory 512K total – WordPress 128K – PHP 256K
    7. Install didn’t post any errors
    8. Tried to install all over again – no luck and no changes…
    9. Seems like when I went from the FREE to Paid it broke and I have no idea how to fix it.
    10. In order to keep my site and admin area running I have deleted BulletProof until I find a solution to these issues.
    11. The FREE version was great and I was excited to install the Pro version, but right now, not to happy with it not allow me usage of my site.
    12. Any solutions and or suggestions ?
    13. Hope to hear from you soon……
    AITpro Admin

    When I check your website:  royalxxxxxx.com I see 2 obvious things that could be causing these problems.  1.  You are using CloudFlare Rocket, which is known to cause a lot of problems with a lot of different plugins and other things.  2.  You are using Minification.  The BPS Pro Plugin Firewall cannot be used if you decide to use minification because minification makes it impossible for the BPS Pro Plugin Firewall to make any sense out of your website’s Source Code after it has been minified.

    Do these steps:  Reinstall BPS Pro, run the Wizards, Deactivate the BPS Pro Plugin Firewall and make sure Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode is not turned on.  If there is still a problem occurring then try turning off CloudFlare Rocket and make sure you are not allowing CloudFlare to cache your wp-admin backend Dashboard area.  Your wp-admin backend Dashboard area should never be cached for any reason.

    If problems are still occurring then I will need to login to the site to find out what is causing the problem(s).  If problems are still occurring then send a WordPress Administrator login and an FTP Login to this hosting account to:  info at ait-pro dot com.


    Well, not that I’m bald from pulling my hair out and a hosting service tech who is now a family member, I’m about to say uncle.

    1. Fallowed your instructions and completely reinstalled both the Free then upgraded to the Pro.
    2.  Everything started to look good, then it started
    3.  White screen came back and the system slowed to a crawl.
    4.  Then the nightmare increased when the white screen popped up and I saw the ht access error.
    5.  Called tech and we went thru the site fixing everything that seem to blow up.
    6.  Interesting thing was the .ht file never went back to the original settings even though I backed it up. It still showed the BPS Pro settings and all the cache commands were also removed.
    7.  We finally removed BPS Pro completely and reset the .ht file back to original and at least the site is backup and working again.
    8.  Now, I have to remove the tooth picks from my eye lids and glue my hair back in place so I can get back to normal.
    9.  With all that being said, I still like your plugin and think it has great potential ! There’s just something about the install or my configuration that is causing all these issues and I don’t know what.
    10. HELP ?????
    AITpro Admin

    Ok send a WordPress Administrator login and a FTP login to this site to:  info at ait-pro dot com and we will see what the issue/problem is and if there is some kind of incompatibility going on in general with your host or something else.  If we cannot get BPS Pro setup on your host due to compatibility issues then we will of course refund your purchase.

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