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    I have a WooCommerce installation that provides downloads of ZIP files accessed via an email generated by WooCommerce after a customer has purchased…standard stuff.

    Every so often customers email me to say they get a 403 Error when they click the link to download the file. The cause is an .htaccess file in the root folder of the woocommerce_uploads folder that has a “deny all” in it. If I delete this file the problem evaporates but I don’t know how to stop this .htaccess file getting added back to the folder….I assume it is generated by BPS at some stage but I can’t see anywhere that allows me to control this….any ideas?

    BPS has been installed and running for a couple of years but is updated within 24 hours of all update releases.


    AITpro Admin

    BPS free does not add/create any .htaccess files in the WordPress /uploads folder.  BPS Pro does add/create an /uploads folder .htaccess file, but it is created in the root of the /uploads folder and not under any child/subfolders and is managed/fully controlled in B-Core Security Modes.  So that .htaccess file is being created by something else and not by BPS.  Most likely either WooCommerce itself is creating that .htaccess file or another WooCommerce add-on plugin that you have installed or another plugin that is installed.  Does the .htaccess file have any Placeholder/Marker text in it to indicate which plugin is creating this .htaccess file?  Example:  # Created by Plugin X.  If it does not have any text indicating which plugin is creating it then when you do find out which plugin is doing this then you need to inform that plugin creator that they need to add a Placeholder/Marker in that .htaccess file so that other folks do not run into this exact problem you are having of not knowing which plugin is creating the .htaccess file.



    Ah, that’s interesting and very useful.

    I don’t have any other Woocommerce related plugins so it must be Woo itself but I’ll start looking closer at Woo and check other plugins too.

    Many thanks…



    The .htaccess is from Woo!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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