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    John H


    I have installed my first BPS Pro. I have previously been running Wordfence. I have read your post concerning Wordfence’s drain on resources. I do not use the live traffic option.

    1. My understanding is that with BPS scanning my system, the Wordfence scan is unnecessary. Is this correct or have I missed something?

    2. I really like the feature in Wordfence that blocks forced entry. If my statement above is correct and I decide to turn the Wordfence scan function off, would Wordfence use minimal resources in this instance?

    Thanks for your help,


    AITpro Admin

    1a.  BPS Pro monitors all of your website files for changes.  AutoRestore/Quarantine is a file monitor that is monitoring your files for any changes or modifications made to them.  If any files are modified then AutoRestore/Quarantine will automatically autorestore and/or quarantine those files.

    AutoRestore/Quarantine also protects against hacker files being uploaded to your website.

    Example:   A hacker steals/cracks your FTP password and uploads a hacker Shell script to your website.  The hacker file is sent to Quarantine and an email notification is immediately sent to you that a file has been quarantined.  If this scenario ever happens to you – change all of your passwords immediately – FTP and WordPress Login passwords.  This has actually happened to me once – thank god for ARQ – it saved my own rear end from a very dumb mistake that I made.  😉

    1b.  Wordfence is scanning files for known malicious code patterns.  I have no idea what Wordfence does when/if it finds a malicious code pattern.

    2.  I do not know what that feature is or does in Wordfence, but I think maybe you are referring to Login Protection?  I am really not sure what features use what resources in Wordfence so you should use benchmarking tools to find out what works best for website performance.  If you have Firefox then install the FireBug and FirePHP add-ons and check your website load speed.  You can also use Yslow in Firefox.

    John H



    I am using the cache feature of WordFence,  I believe that now that I have installed BPS that BPS is quarantining all the cache files.. so not doing me too much good.   How can I prevent BPS from quarantining these files ( other than one by one)?  Or do you have a better idea. I am not interested in reinstalling WP Super Cache.


    File name from the Quarantine:

    AITpro Admin

    You would need to create an AutoRestore folder Exclude rule for the wfcache folder.  See this video tutorial for how to do that:  http://forum.ait-pro.com/video-tutorials/#autorestore-quarantine

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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