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    guy te watson

    I just bought the pro version and before I install I want to understand some things before I install.

    1.  I think I heard somewhere that you only need to install BPS Pro once in the top folder and all subfolders and sites created under subfolders are protected.  What I don’t understand it how can you protect the plugins folder with one install and also allow the plugins folder to be unprotected for installs, so you don’t have to turn BPS Pro off every time you install a plugin?

    2. Also is it bad to install BPS Pro on every blog even in subfolder? Will BPS Pro not work properly if one BPS Pro is install at the top level folder and others BPS Pro installed on blogs in subfolder?

    3. Also, Wordfence searches and reads files. Does BPS Pro lock/protect files from being searched by wordfence and other plugins like that? If so is there a way to whitelist certain plugins and services and allow them to work also with BPS Pro on?


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    guy te


    AITpro Admin

    1.  Not sure where you came across that information, but it that is not correct.  Each WordPress website needs to have BPS Pro installed on it.  The only exception would be if you had a Network/Multisite installation of WordPress then BPS Pro would only be installed on the Primary site since all the subsites are virtual sites.

    2.  See answer 1.

    3.  Wordfence is a scanning plugin and no BPS does not interfere with that scanning.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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