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    In the new about I read:

    • Background Updates
      • Automatic updates for maintenance and security updates.
      • Daily updates for developers using nightly builds.

    What will ARQ say to that?

    AITpro Admin

    See the Whats New page in BPS Pro 7.6.  We will be automating AutoRestore so that WordPress automatic updates will be seamless.

    Copied from the BPS Pro 7.6 Whats New page

    ***HOT*** Coming Soon in BPS Pro 7.7:

    WordPress is moving towards automatic updating in WordPress 3.7. BPS Pro 7.7 will be making a significant change to AutoRestore/Quarantine to adapt to this change in WP 3.7. What this means for you is you will no longer need to turn off AutoRestore & backup files when upgrading WordPress. BPS Pro will automatically turn off AutoRestore and backup WP Core files when WordPress performs an automatic update. The WordPress 3.7 update/upgrade & BPS 7.6 will be the last version where you will need to turn off AutoRestore and backup files before turning AutoRestore back on when updating/upgrading WordPress. We hope to have BPS Pro 7.7 completed before WordPress releases WP 3.7.1.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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