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    Dear Support,
    I am the inexpert administrator of the web site brxxxxxxxxlace.org running with WordPress.
    Am am now finding that when my users try to log in with the User name and Password that I have allocated to them, that instead of going directly to the site’s Home page they are taken to the Admin & Profile page.
    I think that is because the browser search term is automatically extended with /wp-admin/profile.php.
    I have searched my menu and options for the BPS-Pro that I’ve installed some months ago, but it’s so powerful and I can’t readily find the tool to remove that default extension.
    I can’t work out whether the problem is soluble directly with a WordPress facility or with the more powerful set of options in BPS-Pro.
    Can you help, please??

    AITpro Admin


    The default WordPress Login page redirect is: /wp-admin/.  If you have a Plugin or Theme that redirects to the User’s profile or somewhere else then you would change that redirect option setting in the Plugin or Theme that is handling the WP Login redirect.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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