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    VaultPress creates the wp-config-db.cnf.php during restores and may be automatically deleted by VaultPress after a restore.  BPS Pro AutoRestore will quarantine the wp-config-db.cnf.php, which may interfere with the VaultPress restore.  The solution is to create an AutoRestore single file exclude rule for the wp-config-db.cnf.php file so that AutoRestore ignores/does not check this file.

    Do these steps to create an AutoRestore single file exclude rule for the VaultPress wp-config-db.cnf.php file:
    1. Go to the AutoRestore page and turn Off AutoRestore.
    2. Go to the Quarantine page and copy the wp-config-db.cnf.php file path: Example: /xxxxx/xxxxx/public_html/wp-config-db.cnf.php to a text file on your computer for reference to use later in these steps. Note: If you already restored the wp-config-db.cnf.php file then check the Quarantine Log for the file path for these wp-config-db.cnf.php file.
    3. Restore the wp-config-db.cnf.php file that is in Quarantine.
    4. Go to AutoRestore > Add|Exclude Other Folders & Files tab page > Exclude Folders & Files tool Form > Select Exclude an Individual File > paste the file path of the wp-config-db.cnf.php file in the Enter an Exclude Folder or File Path text box and click the Exclude button.
    5. Turn AutoRestore back on.

    Video Tutorial For How to exclude files or folders from being checked by ARQ:  http://forum.ait-pro.com/video-tutorials/#autorestore-quarantine

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