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    I apologize if this is somewhere else on the forum but I did a search and couldn’t find it.
    I have a tool WP Master Control V2 that runs as a desktop program and it is similar to WP Remote.  Does BPS Pro recognize it and allow it?




    AITpro Admin

    We are currently researching the best method to allow 3rd party WordPress remote management plugins/apps/services (WP Remote, ManageWP, InfinteWP, etc) to work with AutoRestore Automation.  AutoRestore Automation is currently specifically designed to only allow WordPress server/client API tasks, such as WordPress itself updating WordPress Core, plugins and themes automatically using WordPress Automatic Updates and WordPress Shiny Updates.  There is no official ETA for when something like this will be created in BPS Pro, but BPS Pro 12.6 has several planned tasks to work in this area of development.

    See this forum topic regarding the ManageWP plugin for additional help information since at this time any 3rd party WordPress remote management plugin/app/service will require that you choose how you want to do things with AutoRestore: http://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/what-are-the-consequences-of-updating-plugins-outside-the-regular-console/


    AITpro Admin

    These are testing results for ManageWP and AutoRestore Automation below. I assume other remote plugins like WP Remote will have the same or similar results.

    BPS Pro AutoRestore Automation and ManagWP compatibility testing results:

    As it turns out Plugin and Theme installations/updates from ManageWP already work seamlessly with AutoRestore Automation and no additional steps are required. I believe the changes that were made in BPS Pro 12+ version series with the WP upgrader_pre_install and upgrader_post_install filters got everything working fine together.  For WP Core updates, AutoRestore Automation uses AJAX trigger functions instead of using the WP upgrader_pre_install and upgrader_post_install filters. So if someone wants to upgrade WordPress remotely using ManageWP then they would need to do these steps below:

    1. Use the ManageWP Open WP Dashboard feature to connect to your WordPress Dashboard.
    2. Update WordPress from the WP Dashboard. AutoRestore Automation will automatically turn Off AutoRestore, backup files and turn AutoRestore back On.


    1. Use the ManageWP Open WP Dashboard feature to connect to your WordPress Dashboard.
    2. Turn AutoRestore Off.
    3. Update WordPress from the Manage WP Dashboard.
    4. Run the BPS Pro Setup Wizard.

    Note:  Enabling WordPress Automatic Updates will automatically install any/all new versions of WordPress when they are available.  So manually updating WordPress either from your WP Dashboard or from the remote ManageWP Dashboard is not really necessary.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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