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    I have a question related to your answer. I use WP Remote to update my client’s sites. It saves me SO much time over logging in and updating each site individually since there are over 40 of them. This usually does not cause issues with the sites with BPS Pro installed, but there are times when it does. I was wondering if using the WordPress Manage service (Jetpack) would work more reliably with BPS Pro for these?

    I also wonder if there is any way to exclude dynamic files in ARQ? A theme I frequently use generates an error log, and I have tried over and over again to get BPS Pro to recognize it, but turning ARQ off, restoring the file, backing up all the root, admin, content and includes and then turning ARQ back on doesn’t seem to help. My inbox is loaded with quarantine messages for one of these sites right now. Any advice on how to deal with this?

    AITpro Admin

    If you have a “plugins” exclude rule setup in AutoRestore then you do not need to do anything and can install plugins remotely.  By default the BPS Pro Wizards create the AutoRestore plugins folder exclude rule when you first setup BPS Pro.  What this means is AutoRestore is told NOT to check the /plugins folder.  You can also create an additional AutoRestore wp-content folder exclude rule for your themes folder so that you can update and install themes remotely without theme files being checked by AutoRestore.  If you are updating WordPress Core files remotely then you should not use AutoRestore and would want to turn AutoRestore Off.  WordPress automatically updates itself with WordPress Automatic Updates and BPS Pro is designed to work seamlessly with WordPress Automatic Updates and WordPress Shiny Updates.  So you should choose to let WordPress automatically update itself and AutoRestore automation will automatically handle everything seamlessly.

    It is not going to matter what remote installation plugin or feature that you use because installing files remotely will exactly simulate your website files being tampered with by a hacker.  BPS Pro AutoRestore cannot tell who or what is modifying files if the files are being modified remotely.  We have a scheduled task to look into ways to allow remote plugins or features to let BPS Pro AutoRestore know that they are legitimate and not a hacker, but that is a very low priority task.  So currently there is no ETA on when that research and development will begin for that task.

    To create AutoRestore exclude rules for files or folders see these links:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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