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    First BIG THANK YOU.

    I am trying the free version for now. I am testing most of the security plugins and yours is the winner. Why?

    For the simple code that I found here:

    # Protect wp-login.php from Brute Force Login Attacks based on IP Address
    <FilesMatch "^(wp-login\.php)">
    Order Allow,Deny
    # Add your Public IP Address using 2 or 3 octets so that if/when
    # your IP address changes it will still be in your subnet range. If you
    # have a static IP address then use all 4 octets.
    # Examples: 2 octets: 65.100. 3 octets: 65.100.50. 4 octets:
    Allow from  (my IP)

    Thanks GOD it’s working perfect and anyone else from any other IP then mine gets error page: 403 Forbidden Error

    If you arrived here due to a search or clicking on a link click your Browser’s back button to return to the previous page. Thank you.

    IP Address:

    BPS Plugin 403 Error Page

    I believe this will solve the crazy attacks on my site.

    I can admin login from  IP with no problem. Anyone else eats the dust.

    I register today just to make the post and give you big thanks. As soon as I will have money I will purchase the Pro version.

    Again, BIG,BIG thanks YOU !


    AITpro Admin

    Thanks for the compliment.  I wish I was actually really a genius, but I’m just some guy who has spent the last 12 years doing website security stuff.  😉  If your IP address is static (not changed on a regular basis by your ISP) then using all 4 octets of your static IP address is fine to do.  If your IP address is dynamic (changed on a regular basis by your ISP) then you would want to use 2 or 3 octets of the IP address assigned to you by your ISP.

    Jose Sally

    it seems intresting

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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