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    After I installed today BPS Pro Frontend and Backend are white pages.What can I do?
    I tried renaming de BPS folder and .htaccess, no luck.Please help me!

    I belive the site was hacked, I really need your help.Also I recived several emails with the subject a file was quarantined.If you need I can provide you with a ftp account. The site is

    AITpro Admin

    Please send the ftp login to edward at ait-pro dot com.  While I am fixing this issue/problem please read the AutoRestore/Quarantine Guide to get familiar with the what, how and why of AutoRestore/Quarantine.

    AutoRestore/Quarantine Guide Troubleshooting

    AITpro Admin

    Cause/Problem:  Several very large zip backup files were being stored in the website root folder.  When the AutoRestore Root Backup Files button was clicked I suspect that all of the root files had not completed being backed up yet.  wp-load.php and wp-settings.php had been quarantined, which was causing the website to display blank/white.

    Solution:  FTP’d to website, uploaded and used the arqdelete.php script to turn Off AutoRestore, manually copied wp-load.php and wp-settings.php from the /bps-backup/quarantine folder back to your website root folder – the site came back up.  Logged into WordPress and went to Quarantine and restored other root files that had been sent to Quarantine.

    Recommendation:  I recommend that you move the very large zip backup files from your website root folder to this BPS Pro protected folder – /wp-content/bps-backup/ and then create a new folder called /website-backups…


    …and then save all future backups to this protected folder from now on.  Any files or folders in the /bps-backup folder are protected by a Deny All .htaccess file, which means no one except for you can access or download these files.  Your current zip backup files in your website root folder are downloadable and not currently protected from being downloaded.

    Additional:  You had 2 plugins that needed Plugin Firewall whitelist rules.  These have been added already to your Plugin Firewall Whitelist text area.  Your GEO map is now displaying correctly on your website.

    /mappress-google-maps-for-wordpress/(.*).js, /white-label-branding/js/jquery.js

    My website went blank after adding a file exclusion in dynamic folders “w3tc-config/master.php” as it keep going to quarantine. Followed the 3 step process, 1-Save to DB, 2-Filter then all went blank.  The website is now basically unusable and I can’t figure out what to do.  Do you have a suggestion or could you look at my site through FTP?

    Many thanks, Murray

    AITpro Admin

    This is a very old forum topic:
    Important Note: If you have BPS Pro 12.8 or higher versions of BPS Pro installed click this link for quickier and easier steps to fix quarantined files problems: BPS Pro 12.8+ versions automatically deactivate/turn ARQ Off when the /bulletproof-security/ plugin folder is renamed instead of having to use the BPS Pro XTF Form Tools to deactivate/turn ARQ Off.

    The dynamic folder exclude tool is only for excluding folders and not files.  The video tutoral link below shows how to exclude folders and also how to exclude files.

    Try this first and instead of doing step 5 go to AutoRestore exclude dynamic folders and remove the invalid exclude rule:

    Outdated/old info removed. New method/info:
    BPS Pro Xternal Tools (XTF) are intended to be used when you are unable to login to your website to fix an issue/problem.  You can turn Off BPS Pro features using the XTF Form options without having to be logged into your website.

    BPS Pro Xternal Tools (XTF) Guide

    BPS Pro Xternal Tools (XTF) Video Tutorial

    If you are not able to login to your site by doing the steps above then…

    I need to see your Quarantine log to see if the invalid exclude rule caused other files to be sent to Quarantine.  FTP or use your Web Host Control Panel File Manager and send me your quarantine log file – /wp-content/bps-backup/logs/autorestore_log.txt.  Email it to info [at] ait-pro [dot] com.

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