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    Ljubomir Manojlovic

    I also noticed that we must manually to append Exclude wp-content Folders for folders:

    1. litespeed
    2. WPvivid_Uploads (if we using WPvivid Backup, despite that BPS add itself folder ‘wpvividbackups’)

    So, here is my surprise fact that BPS recognize LiteSpeed vs htaccess file, but not about that folder path, as well, fact that BPS recognize WPvivid native backup folder path, but not backups upload folder path.

    AITpro Admin

    Thanks for letting me know what works on Cyberpanel hosting. Looks very similar to a standard Unix config.

    Ljubomir Manojlovic

    I think how it is worth for your BPS to pay attention on LiteSpeed as here we talk not just about we server performances and OS server security, but also about two extreme cases (all between can be done):

    1. OpenLiteSpeed server is available as out of box on ALL HOSTINGS, but on GCP is available for FRE for LIFETIME (on mini server). Standard usage is one WP site.
    2. CyberPanel is actually exactly that (from name). It can be used in two extremes (again):
      1. For yourself with multiple installs (sites).
      2. As reseller or shared server.

    Using for yourself it:

    1. Run from GUI (WP, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, Mautic and Git)
    2. Run single click Docker apps.
    3. Run trough CLI whatever (so, countless PHP apps).

    My server run:

    1. Matomo (CLI installation, available also docker)
    2. Seopanel (CLI installation, available also docker)
    3. Nextcloud (CLI installation, available also docker)
    4. MainWP (GUI installation)
    5. Many sites (GUI installation – about 20 websites on WP)
    AITpro Admin

    Cool – I fully understand the environment.  Not sure if I can do a local setup or not, but will do that or if that is not possible then I will check out doing this/testing Live.

    Ljubomir Manojlovic

    VirtualBox and CentOS 8 + script install and you have it locally.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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