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    I just found this test:


    What do you think about it?

    AITpro Admin

    This is a product comparison by someone comparing their product to other comparable products.  What do you think they would post?

    An unbiased product comparison or review should be done by a 3rd party, otherwise the obvious assumption will be made – they are going to make sure that their product appears to be the best product.  Obviously I cannot consider any part of the information as valid or unbiased.  It appears to be an obvious sales tactic.  Either way the data cannot be trusted and is completely invalidated because they have a motive and a goal to make their product appear to be the best product for increased sales.

    Honestly I do not think any other WordPress plugin can be compared to BPS Pro.  BPS Pro is a industry trend setter using new original security concepts that are mimicked by other WordPress plugins after we think of the concept and create it – make it reality.  BPS Pro is the real deal.  Cheap imitations of our security concepts are just that – cheap/mimicked imitations without coming anywhere close to the real thing – BPS Pro.

    Also this is personal thing for me specifically – when I see the usage of “ninja” used in any type of product naming or service I immediately discount that product or service as not being professional.  I tend to think of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” when I see ninja used in some way.  It is not professional to me.


    It was not my intention to create a storm or make you angry 😉

    But still I think that your arguments are strong. I see more and more plugins which start to have functions used in BPS Pro for a very long time. I myself was a plugin seeker for a long time, used multiple of them but for now I’m only with BPS Pro and recommend it to all my friends (who unfortunately are not so big security freaks like me).

    The test was interesting but the biggest problem to me was not explaining in simple English how is it possible that their product is so good, uses fast no ram no cpu etc.

    One way or the other Leonardo rocks 😀

    AITpro Admin

    Not angry at all.  Maybe slightly tired/bored of seeing yet another obvious sales tactic/BS/hype/fluff or bad/incorrect/misleading information.  It gets old seeing obvious dumb stuff like this and all the fluff and hype that we see with other plugins.  “the only plugin that does X”, etc etc etc.  I guess if you are the best and you know you are the best then there is no need to do any fluff and hype – fact works, because in fact BPS Pro kicks @$$.

    Yes, our newest security concept in BPS Pro 9.0 will also be attempted to be copied once it is released.  That is par for the course, but so far I only see cheap imitations of the real thing and not an exact copy of BPS Pro security features.  😉

    I hope you were being sarcastic.  Here is my version of sarcasm:  I want the end result to be X so what I need to do is work backwards (and make it look somewhat believable) so that the end results are exactly the results I want to show.  I don’t need to actually test anything because I am going to make up the entire thing since my goal is to get sales.

    Translation: A complete scam/sham



    Nin Tec are using Basic Htpasswd protection.


    They also failed to use the Captcha setting in the BPS Pro Login Protection when testing.

    However you can achieve better results with this code:


    It will ONLY show the wp-login.php with your internet IP.

    Basic Htpasswd protection is protecting a folder, BUT WordPress already has that type of protection built in.

    The .htaccess code linked above  is protecting a file and whitelisting your IP.

    The NinTec results impressed me too till I did some research and digging around.




    AITpro Admin

    This information is not accurate.

    The test will also include:
    NinjaFirewall (WP edition). If you aren’t familiar with it, this is how it works:
    Attacker => HTTP server => PHP => NinjaFirewall => WordPress => Plugins

    And this is how the above-mentioned plugins and, more generally, all WordPress plugins work:
    Attacker => HTTP server => PHP => WordPress => Plugins

    NinjaFirewall sits between the attacker and WordPress. It can filter requests before they reach the blog. That makes it very suitable for detecting and, most important, for blocking brute-force attacks.

    .htaccess files are server configuration files (distributed configuration files).  The reason .htaccess files are the optimum method of filtering requests is because .htaccess files are processed before PHP code.

    Attacker => HTTP server => .htaccess files (BPS & BPS Pro) => PHP => NinjaFirewall => WordPress

    NinjaFirewall (WP edition) was able to block both attacks because it sits between the attacker and the victim. A security plugin that sits behind the application that it is supposed to protect is of no use.

    On average, WordPress performs better alone than with the 5 security plugins that were tested. Most of them do not bring any improvement, the others may even increase server resources to a critical level during a large attack.

    The conclusion is negated because it is not accurate.  The limited testing that was done (if actual testing occurred) is negated as well for numerous obvious reasons.  Frankly the entire post/article is ridiculous from beginning to end.

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