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    I would like to purchase the Pro version. As stated on the BPS Pro page I should first check if the Free version could be installed.
    Well, installing it was no problem, activating gave me all green lines.

    But….Is this all I have to do to figure out if the Pro version will run ok?

    And if so, should I deinstall the free version first before installing the Pro version?


    AITpro Admin

    BulletProof Security Pro Compatibility Check-Upgrading From BPS Free to BPS Pro

    If you have installed the BPS free version and have run the Setup Wizard (“run the Setup Wizard” step needs to be and will be added to the compatibility checking page) and are seeing all green messages or no red error messages that indicate a compatibility problem then yes BPS Pro is compatible with your Host and Server Type.

    BulletProof Security Pro Installation, Activation & Setup Wizard Video Tutorial
    Yes, BPS free should be uninstalled before installing BPS Pro.  The BPS Pro installation, activation and setup wizard video tutorial shows the steps to uninstall BPS free and install BPS Pro.  If you do a standard plugin deactivation and uninstallation of the BPS free plugin on the WordPress Plugins page then all of your BPS free plugin settings (code, options, etc) will be saved and not deleted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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