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    Hello all,

    Prompted with the message that I should update Bulletproof Security Pro and that otherwise website security would be at risk, I went over to plugins but did not see any available update. I compared the installed version number to the latest version available for download on the webpage but did not notice any differences, i.e. the version number was the same.

    In an effort to fix this issue I downloaded the Bulletproof Security Pro zip-file from the website and manually installed that through WP Admin (thereby ‘overwriting’ the existing plugin). Ever since I have been getting the message ‘A critical error has occurred on this website. Please check your admin e-mail inbox for instructions.‘ and I am unable to login. From that moment on, I have also been getting e-mails with the subject: ‘BPS Pro Alert – AutoRestore is turned off‘. Only after manually deactivating the plugin (by renaming the folder) do I once more have access to WP Admin. I subsequently went on to delete the plugin’s folder entirely and tried to reinstall the zip-file from scratch, but to no avail – I keep on getting the same error message, i.e. ‘(…) critical error (…)’.

    How can I reinstall Bulletproof Security Pro? I was very satisfied with it for exactly four days 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

    AITpro Admin

    Below is some general help info on BPS Pro upgrade problems.  It would be quicker for me to fix whatever problem is occurring. So send me a WordPress Administrator login to this website and an FTP login to your hosting account.  Email Address: info at ait-pro dot com.

    You can install BPS Pro upgrades from within your WP Dashboard just like any other plugin update using the update now link on the WordPress Plugins page. If you are not seeing a BPS Pro update/upgrade notification on the WordPress Plugins page then try clicking the Plugins menu link 3 times (forces a plugin API update check on page reload). You can also try refreshing your Browser on the WordPress Plugins page (two or more times) to see if the BPS Pro plugin update/notification is displayed. If you are still not seeing an upgrade notice then click the BulletProof Security Pro Manual Upgrade Check link on the WordPress Plugins page and run the Plugin Update Check Pro-Tool, go to your WordPress Plugins page and refresh your Browser. If you still do not see the new BPS Pro version then clear your Browser cache and Refresh your Browser again. If you still do not see the new BPS Pro version update/upgrade then click this link: for other possible reasons or you can use the Alternative BPS Pro upgrade method below.

    Alternative Zip Upload/Upgrade Installation Method: BPS Pro has a built-in Upload Zip Installer to install BPS Pro upgrade zip files. Download the file from the Secure Download Area: Under the BPS Pro Setup Main menu, click the Upload Zip Install submenu link. Click the Choose File button, navigate to where you downloaded the file on your computer (Note: the zip file MUST be named and click the Install Zip Now button.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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