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    Ljubomir Manojlovic

    A) I saw topic https://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/how-can-i-export-settings/ and your point of view is completely ok. However, I’m just wondering, is it any chance to make it in any case (available export of settings), as for more sites, it is kind of annoying to set all alerts on my desired options (BPS only). Other settings are ok to be done per case, but you can integrate some bulk option for alerts (Dashboard/BPS Only/Disable), or I just missed it (maybe exist)?

    B) Also, I’m also looking how to try to disable BPS in Admin (side) menu to not let clients to mess with it. Can it be done (hidden)?

    AITpro Admin

    Unfortunately, the demand for creating an Export|Import feature for personal preference settings was never enough to warrant the time and work to create a personal preference settings Export|Import feature.  I think around 6 people have asked for this in the last 8 years.  It appears to be a simple thing to do, but it actually is not due to the way WordPress stores Plugin option settings in the WordPress wp_options database table.  So at this time there are no plans to add a personal preference settings Export|Import feature.

    We thought about adding a Lock or Hide feature for the BPS plugin, but decided not to do that.  I think there may be a WordPress Plugin that does that.  Try searching the WordPress Plugin Repository for something like – “hide or lock plugins” or maybe “WordPress Dashboard restrictions” or something similar to these search terms.  There are some plugins that use Custom User Roles where you can add or remove Users from a custom user role to control what they can and cannot access.

    Ljubomir Manojlovic

    Thanks for info.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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