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    Sebastian Schertel

    Couldn’t find a solution using the search function.
    Using latest version of BPS PRO.
    Server configuration is DSO.
    So I tried uploading (overwriting files) via FTP and I was denied permission.
    I can download and inspect files. My current IP is whitelisted in the plugin .htaccess file.
    Deactivating Plugin Firewall PFW mode does not help.
    What am I missing?
    Do I need to disable ARQ too for times when I need to overwrite files via FTP?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    AITpro Admin

    The only security feature in BPS Pro that would have anything to do with file permissions for a DSO Server Type would be F-Lock.  DSO server file permissions should always be 644 and you should not try to change them to any other file permissions besides 644 file permissions.  If you are manually modifying or uploading files to your website with FTP then yes you should turn off AutoRestore so that your files are not quarantined as hacker files.  See this link for additional help info and procedural steps when manually modifying/uploading files:  Other than these 2 things, BPS Pro does not do anything else related to FTP.

    Most likely the problem is this: Check the current Owner of the files on your website and the Owner of the FTP user account you are using. If the Owner of the FTP user account you are using is different than the Owner of the files on your website then you will not be allowed to overwrite the existing website files since you would have to be using an FTP account that has/is the same Owner of your website files.

    Sebastian Schertel

    And once again the support helped me find the solution.

    The whole wp installation was set to the php-user as owner. I changed it back to the ftp program. After my necessary changes I again changed it back to php-user so BPS will not run into any trouble. (if there might be any trouble to begin with if the file owner is set to FTP)

    For other users facing the same problem let me just briefly expand and provide a link.

    I happen to host with All-Inkl (most reputated hosting company in Germany) and they too take security kinda seriously.

    I happen to have a DSO server configuration. So I had to change the file permissions during installation to php-user for BPS PRO to not show any errors. If you have errors during the pre-installation wizard with All-Inkl try changing the file permissions according to their tutorial:

    And now I just had to set the owner to my FTP user, made my changes and then changed everything back to the php-user. Works.

    EDIT: I also have explained the setup steps for DSO servers for All-Inkl in german on my blog: (please remove the edit if against the rules)

    AITpro Admin

    Adding links is fine, but we modify/edit any links that are not using the full URL in the link.  ie “this”, “that”, “their tutorial”, “on my blog” links are changed to the full URL link so that the full URL is visible/displayed to anyone who wants to click on a URL/link.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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