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    I’ve been having a runaround with one site today after a failed core upgrade attempt to WP 5.0.2 – for some reason some of the files ended up quarantined, resulting in a white screen on both front and back end. (Probably due to attempting the update via MainWP which I’m just starting to use.)

    I’ve spent time searching the forums and been through the manual steps to restore the files, all good until I rename the _bulletproof-security directory back to bulletproof-security – I can log in but as soon as I hit the setup wizard option the whole site goes white again, the same files are quarantined again. As a result I’ve been unable to disable autorestore/quarantine and I’m stuck in an endless loop –  I’ve now replaced the quarantined files and attempted to run the setup wizard three times.

    I’ve also attempted to use the xternal tool, both from its default location and copying it to root but all I get is a white screen. I will continue to use BPS Pro on various other sites but it’s not worth the trouble with this site (for a heap of reasons I won’t go into) so I want to revert to BPS free in this case.

    Please outline how I should uninstall BPS Pro manually (FTP) as obv I can’t get it to work long enough to disable/uninstall via the dashboard, and deleting the root and admin htaccess doesn’t work due to core files being quarantined as soon as BPS Pro is enabled. Thanks.

    AITpro Admin

    Restore your files from Quarantine using the steps 1-5 in this forum topic >  Then login to your website and go to the WordPress Plugins page.  You should see a message the BPS Pro has been deactivated. You can now rename the /_bulletproof-security/ plugin folder back to /bulletproof-security/ and uninstall BPS Pro on the WordPress Plugins page using the Uninstall link.


    Hi, thanks, sorry to have troubled you. I should have realised that I shouldn’t reactivate it to try and run the setup wizard and just uninstall it instead.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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