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    Hi, in new version 2.4 +2.5 BPS free is avabile new feature
    default captcha is enabled for login form.

    this captcha gets me very badly, it would not be better to add google recaptcha integration like it does contact me form 7? (Integration).

    Do not you commit to adding google recaptcha links to the login form? Thx

    AITpro Admin

    General Help Information about JTC-Lite
    • JTC-Lite is automatically setup by default because 90% of people prefer that JTC-Lite is automatically setup for them so that they do not have to set it up manually.
    • If you do not want to use JTC-Lite, uncheck the Login Form checkbox and click the Save Options button.
    • The JTC-Lite default CAPTCHA is:  jtc, which can be changed to anything else you would like to use instead.
    • The primary purpose for JTC-Lite is to prevent User Accounts from being repeatedly locked out by SpamBots and HackerBots attempting to Brute Force Login to the WP Login Form/website.  99% of all spamming and hacking is automated with SpamBots and HackerBots.  JTC-Lite is 100% effective at blocking/stopping SpamBots and HackerBots from attempting to Brute Force Login to the WordPress Login Form.
    • JTC-Lite is a limited version of BPS Pro JTC Anti-Spam|Anti-Hacker that only protects the WordPress Login Form. If you would like security protection for all WordPress Forms (Login, Registration, Lost Password, Comments), BuddyPress, bbPress Forms (Login, Registration and Activation) and WooCommerce Forms (Login and Registration) get BPS Pro JTC Anti-Spam|Anti-Hacker > https://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/jtc-anti-spam-read-me-first/

    I am not exactly sure what you are asking about in regards to Google reCAPTCHA. Are you asking if we would add Google reCAPTCHA as an additional CAPTCHA option/feature?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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