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    AITpro Admin

    Go to the BPS Pro P-Security page and run the Diagnostic Checks/Recommendations by clicking the Run Check button. Post this information below that you will see in the Diagnostic Checks window.

    Kouichi Sugawara

    Hi AITpro

    I did not find a troubleshhotin button.
    So, I add this code below to your wp-config.php file directly below define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);.

    /** BEGIN BPS Pro ini_set Settings **/
    /** END BPS Pro ini_set Settings **/

    But still I have error: PHP Error Log Path Does Not Match
    Please Advise.

    AITpro Admin

    The folder/file path below is missing a slash “/” in front of /


    Go to the PHP Error Log page and copy the ini_set PHP Error Log Location (Recommended): /xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxxx/bps_php_error.log file path.
    Go to the ini_set Options page and paste the file path into this text box: ini_set PHP Error Log Location Set To
    Click the 1. Save Options button and click the 2. Enable Options button.

    Note if your wp-config.php file is not in your website root folder then manually copy the path to your php error log directly into your wp-config.php file.

    Kouichi Sugawara

    Thanks AITpro Great Support.

    Sure, I have missed / mark in front of my domain name.
    So, I proceed as follows.
    1.  Remake wp-config.php to correct path again.
    2.  Copy and Paste PHP Path on  PHP Error Log page.
    3.  Click and Bottons on ini_set Options page.
    Then, PHP error was soleved.

    By the way, On Step-1 I have received A file has been sent to Quarantine for  wp-config.php.
    So, I did restore wp-config.php and saved wp-config.php  again.
    Then, Quarantine was stoped.

    I am not sure why I received Quarantine at this case.
    During Setting Phase, I did not anything for my Public IP before Pre-Wizard.
    Please any Advise.

    AITpro Admin
    Kouichi Sugawara

    Hi ATIpro.

    Quarantine Again Using  Excel and Notepad++.

    I read autorestore-quarantine-guide:

    I may understand and proceedd as follows:
    1. Turn ARQ Off.
    2. Copy PHP setting data From Excel, and Paste to wp-config.php using Notepad++.
    3. Upload modified wp-config.php.
    4. Copy blocking IP data From Excel and Paste to Notepad++, and text file is saved.
    5. Open Notepad++ and Copy bloking IP data from Notepadd++, and Paste to BPS PRO Custom Code.
    6. Saved Custm Code and Reactvate BPS Core.
    7. Did some specified work.
    5. Turn ARQ back On.

    Then receved Quarantine again of wp-config.php and .htaccess.
    Control M have on Both wp-config.php and .htaccess.

    AITpro Admin

    All Microsoft applications automatically add the Control M characters – Excel, Word, etc.  You should only use a code editor like Dreamweaver or Notepad++ instead of Excel or Word when working with code.

    Personally this is what I do when manually modifying single files using FTP.
    I leave AutoRestore turned On.
    I upload the file to the website.
    When the file is quarantined I restore it from Quarantine.
    When you restore a file from Quarantine it is also copied to the AutoRestore backup folder so that you have a matching copy of the file in AutoRestore backup.

    Kouichi Sugawara

    Hi AITpro

    AutoRestore/Quarantine Correct Usage

    I did as follows.
    1. Turn ARQ Off.
    2. On wp-config.php
    ・Modify this file to prevent PHP path error used only Notepad++.
    ・And Upload file.
    2. On Custom Code for .htaccess
    ・Cleared Previous IP Data which is paste from notepadd++.
    ・Add one of blocking IP on Coustom Code for test. This time, I Directly Entered IP data. Not Copy and Paste.
    ・Reactvate BPS Core.

    3. After that, TeraTerm SSH is shown on root .htacess as folllows. Have Control M !
    #Add Block IP^M
    Order Allow,Deny^M
    Deny from 46.115.35.^M
    Allow from all    *Note: No Cotrol M

    4. TeraTerm SSH is shown on  wp-config.php. No Cotrol M. It was OK.
    define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);

    5. Turn ARQ On.
    6. Then I received a mail Quarantine for .htaccess.

    Why should I have Control M on step-3.

    AITpro Admin

    If you are manually modifying files outside of WordPress then BEFORE you turn AutoRestore back On you need to click the AutoRestore Backup Files button to make a new backup copy of the file you just modified.  Since you are modifying a Root file outside of WordPress you would click the Root Files Backup Files button to create a new backup copy of the wp-config.php file that you modified.  I actually find it simpler just to restore files from Quarantine instead of turning AutoRestore Off, backing up files and turning AutoRestore back On.

    I guess you are seeing Control M characters because they were added somewhere in the process (Excel, Word or something else added them).  Try this:  Create new htaccess code using ONLY Notepad++ and you should not see Control M characters.  Delete your old code because it has Control M characters and will always have Control M characters because they were added by something (Excel, Word or something else added them) in the process.

    AITpro Admin

    Notepad++ allows you to see all characters/symbols by going to:  View menu, Show Symbol, Show All Characters.  You may be able to automatically remove ^M characters in Notepad++ by going to: Edit menu, EOL Conversion, UNIX Format or Windows Format.

    Note:  BPS htaccess files are created in UNIX format and use LF for line breaks

    Kouichi Sugawara

    Hi AITpro

    I am still working  to delete many of ^M characters on wp-config.php and .htacccess.
    I am Using Notepad++ with UNIX mode.
    But  copy from Notepad++ does not solve this probrem.

    Can I leave ^M on such files ?


    AITpro Admin

    I am not sure?  Try to leave the ^M characters and see  what happens?  Maybe TeraTerm is adding them?  BPS creates htaccess code in UNIX format with LF and not ^M.

    Joseph Lee

    I hope it is okay to post here in an existing thread covering the same issue…

    As advised here in this thread, I have already re-run the Pre-Installation Wizard checks and the Setup Wizard, and everything there comes back in green (nothing there in red).  Nevertheless, here is what I still have showing at PHP Error Log Location:

    PHP Error Log Location
    ini_set PHP Error Log Location (Recommended): /home3/hostaccount/public_html/domainfolder/wp-content/bps-backup/logs/bps_php_error.log
    PHP Error Log Location Set To: /home3/hostaccount/public_html/domainfolder/wp-content/bps-backup/logs/bps_php_error.log
    Error Log Path Seen by Server: error_log

    I think I need to simply add/insert the recommended path somewhere, but BPS Pro is completely new to me and I do not know where to find that box!

    Please advise.

    AITpro Admin

    Your server is not seeing or is ignoring the BPS php error log file or path.  Error Log Path Seen by Server: error_log
    You can use the server’s default php error log file/path by entering:  error_log in the PHP Error Log Location Set To text box and save your changes.

    Joseph Lee

    Saving ‘error_log’ in the PHP Error Log Location Set To text box took care of things.  Many thanks!

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