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    Pete Manselxcode77

    I downloaded the latest version of the plugin to a site that is hosted by iPage. I went through the PI configuration steps as I have done with about 25 other sites without a problem. However, this time, after it configured the secure htaccess file it did not allow me to complete the rest of the secure configurations and came back with an error message indicating that I was not an authorized user which totally blew my mind.

    I used the control panel to disable the PI and even removed all the PI files from the folder. To make a long story short I had to chat with iPage support to get the htaccess file reset so I could access the WP admin control panel again. Please advise what the problem might have been to cause this since, as I mentioned before, I have used this PI with about 25 websites and have never has such an issue. Website is http://sosmartkids.com where this PI is currently NOT installed and I hestitate to try again for fear that the same issue might surface again.

    Thanking you in advance,


    AITpro Admin

    The most likely cause is that iPage Hosting does not allow you to lock the root .htaccess file with 404 file permissions.  You may be able to use 444 file permissions, but that would have to be done manually via FTP.


    If your Web Host does not allow locking of your Root .htaccess file (404 file permissions for your Root .htacces file) and your site has crashed then FTP to your website and manually change the root .htaccess file permissions to 444. If your site is still crashed/not loading then change the root .htaccess file permissions to 644. After your site is back up go to the BPS htaccess File Editor tab page and click on the Turn Off AutoLock button. This will prevent your Root .htaccess file from being automatically locked when you upgrade BPS, which will prevent a 403 Error from occurring on your website.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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