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    AITpro Admin

    We have added new checks, warnings and failsafe code in BPS Pro 9.0 that should hopefully prevent this problem from occurring in the future.  The primary issue is that there is only 1 correct way to upgrade BPS Pro and we thought we had blocked all the incorrect ways to upgrade BPS Pro, but missed one of them (see previous post above).


    I did click the correct update button under the plugin description on the plugin page and it happend again on another website. I had to restore the page again and now i do not know how to update without that happening again!


    AITpro Admin

    hmm interesting. The only logical explanations would be that something you have installed on your website is interfering with the BPS Pro upgrade / API Server connection or your AutoRestore wp-content folder Exclude rules have an incorrect folder exclude path.  Post your AutoRestore folder Exclude rules.

    You can do these steps when upgrading BPS Pro to ensure that there is enough time for BPS Pro to complete all of the upgrade steps.

    1.  Turn Off AutoRestore/Quarantine.
    2.  Click the BPS Pro update now link to upgrade BPS Pro.
    3.  Turn On AutoRestore/Quarantine.

    AITpro Admin

    Jeez.  We have been focusing on the wrong end of the horse with this issue.  Instead of trying to time everything perfectly (which is cutting things too close) while WordPress is uninstalling the old BPS Pro version plugin files and then installing the new BPS Pro plugin files we simply need to do almost the exact same thing that we are doing with AutoRestore Automation for WordPress Automatic updates.  The ARQ Failsafe conditions will be in the new BPS Pro 9.1 version code so that if X, Y or Z = true then do not run the ARQ Cron.  This would also mean that ARQ would not have to be turned Off automatically or manually during a BPS Pro upgrade.


    [Topic has been moved to this relevant Topic]

    the “all plugin files sent to quarantine” issue is happening for me. but i’m unable to check all and restore the files. there’s a lot of them…. and i get no error message, just nothing happens. i’ve had to do this before when i went in and SELECTED EACH AND EVERY BOX… about 100 at a time. it took me over 3 hours. THIS IS NOT OK. how can i mass-restore (and/or delete… for future reference) of all these files? and this is for a live site, so this is extremely urgent!

    AITpro Admin

    @ tracy – see the steps to restore all plugin files in this link below that goes to a previous post in this topic.

    We just completed new code in BPS Pro 9.0 that will take care of this issue permanently.  Testing is completed and a new BPS Pro 9.0 zip file will be uploaded shortly.  I will post more details in a follow-up post about what this new code does and what potential problems it prevents from happening using a FailSafe shutdown for the ARQ Cron for various conditions that are most likely causing this issue/problem, etc.

    Just an FYI – the reason you cannot restore all files at once from Quarantine is due to limitations imposed by your Server.  That is why we created the Sort/Search feature in Quarantine.  On our dedicated testing server we can restore 1,000′s of files at the same time without a problem since we set the limitation ourselves on our Server.  On our Live Shared Hosting server we are limited to restoring about 400 files at one time max.

    AITpro Admin

    New code has been added to BPS Pro 9.0 and a new BPS Pro 9.0 zip file has been uploaded at 6-25-2014 2:02 PM PDT.

    Impact:  Very few people have been affected by this problem overall.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 out of 1,000 people, but even 1 person is 1 too many.

    Diagnosis of the problem:  BPS Pro was previously turning off AutoRestore during BPS Pro upgrades, but it appears that if anything at all interfered with the BPS Pro upgrade process and caused even a slight delay in the BPS Pro automated upgrade process, then AutoRestore was not being shutdown in time and the result is that all plugin files were being sent to Quarantine.

    Solution:  The new BPS Pro 9.0 code contains an additional AutoRestore FailSafe Shutdown to ensure that all BPS Pro automated upgrade steps have been completed before the AutoRestore Cron will be allowed to run again.  The ARQ Cron will not run unless all BPS Pro automated upgrade steps have been completed by BPS Pro.  This is very similar to the code that is used for ARQ Automation during WordPress Automatic updates, which works flawlessly without any problems.

    Additional Benefit:  ARQ no longer needs to be shutdown either automatically by BPS Pro during an upgrade or manually by someone since the ARQ Cron is not allowed to run until all BPS Pro automated upgrade steps are completed by BPS Pro.

    Error Messaging:  Most likely no one will ever see this error message below, but in the event that a BPS Pro upgrade does not complete successfully then the ARQ Cron FailSafe Shutdown Notice will remain permanently and the ARQ Cron will not run until whatever is causing the BPS Pro upgrade to fail is fixed.  ie deactivating a plugin that is preventing the BPS Pro upgrade from completing successfully, file or folder permissions, file or folder Ownership problem, copy or write problem, etc.

    ARQ Cron FailSafe Shutdown Notice
    This FailSafe notice should go away automatically by clicking anywhere in your WordPress Dashboard.
    If this FailSafe notice does not go away, post a new Forum Topic in the Support Forum: Support Forum

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