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    I just purchased your product! I have read great things about it, but I have to admit I am pretty overwhelmed trying to use it. I purchased it for one reason only…I need to protect my plugin directory, but allow a single cron job that accesses a file in the plugins directory to run every night. (I am using a real cron job, not a wp-cron job.)

    First, though, I cannot even seem to figure out how to protect my plugins folder?

    Would you please just tell me what I need to do? To protect it, but allow a cron job to run it? Or point me to the instructions to do so?

    Thank you,

    AITpro Admin

    The links below will send you to all the help resource pages, but let me give you a brief overview so that you understand the basic idea/concepts of whitelisting (allowing) front loading plugins scripts.  No one has asked me about whitelisting a true cron job for the plugins folder so I will work with you to figure out exactly what is needed for the cron.  Is the cron using wget?  If so, I recommend that you use lynx -source instead of wget -O.

    Post your cron so that I can take a look at it.  If this is in your control panel then let me know if this is a wget cron.

    There is also very extensive help information in all of the Blue Read Me help buttons throughout BPS Pro.

    The Plugin Firewall has a Test Mode Tool that allows you to view your website in an iframe file that is in an .htaccess protected directory.  When you turn Test Mode on and visit your site in the iframe a temporary IP Address is written to the Test Mode .htaccess file so that you are viewing your website as if you are a visitor to your website.  There are simple instructions on the Test Mode page that tell you how and what to test on your site.  This is the simplest way to get plugin scripts to add to the Plugin Firewall Whitelist Text area.

    You can also choose to not use the Plugin Firewall Test Mode tool, activate the Plugin Firewall, log out of your webstie and then visit your site with a Proxy tool or website that will give you a total random IP Address.  You would then click around your website, check things like your contact form, plugin Widgets and anything else on the front end of your website.  If there are any front loading plugin scripts that are being blocked by the Plugin Firewall you will see errors logged in the BPS Pro Security Log.  You would then copy and paste those plugin scripts to the Plugin Firewall Whitelist Text area.  The Plugin Firewall Blue Read Me help button has step by step setup instructions for setting up the Plugin Firewall and very extensive help information as well.

    You can even choose to manually add front loading plugin scripts to your Plugin Firewall Whitelist by right mouse clicking on your website pages and click View Source to view the source code and find plugin script paths that need to be whitelisted in the Plugin Firewall.

    Plugin Firewall Read Me First:

    BPS Pro Security Log:

    BPS Pro Video Tutorials:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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