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    Hi & thx –

    Just had about 40 PHP errors come through my email as soon as ARQ Cron was turned on. The weird thing is the SiteGround server doesn’t show anything in the php error log. Also can’t see anything in the error log in BPS. How can the errors come through email without being in log file? Is log file function not working? It appears that it is in BPS but not sure. So sorry, can’t tell if this is server end or BPS end. Have had much trouble with server not playing nice with BPSpro lately. Right now not sure if any instructs from BPS are going into server correct.

    Maybe this should be on different thread but also a few days ago I unlocked our .htaccess files in F-LOCK and now cannot lock back through BPS. Did go over and try to lock down manually to chmod 400 in cpanel and it closed the WP dashboard. Ugh! Then went back in to cpanel and put .htaccess to 644 and dashboard came back on. Is server preventing a reset of chmod with .htaccess?

    SPECIAL NOTE: Did notice that the cpanel HotLink protection widget is ENABLED and is probably messing lots of things up! Not sure what to do with these mounting troubles. Thanks always endless for any and all help. For quickest fix at this point?: Would an entire reinstall of BPSpro be of any help?

    AITpro Admin

    They were not php errors they were AutoRestore/Quarantine alert emails alerting you that files have been sent to Quarantine.  Go to Quarantine and restore the files if they are legitimate files that got sent to Quarantine.

    .htaccess files can only be set to 404 permissions.  If you set htaccess files to 400 permissions something bad will happen.  Anywhere from your Dashboard closing to your website crashing.  Can you lock and unlock all of your other files in F-Lock?  If so, then your Host must be causing this problem.  Check with them and find out what they are doing to prevent you from locking and unlocking your root .htaccess file from BPS.

    Yes, the broken cPanel HotLink Protection Tool will wreak havoc on your site if you root .htaccess file is not locked.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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