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    any idea why the revolution slider does not appear on my home page when bps pro is activated? at first i thought it was maybe lingering w3 cache code in my htaccess, but i don’t see any custom code that was added… interestingly, the slider works perfectly when you’re logged in (but ONLY when you’re logged in)


    AITpro Admin

    I checked the site and there is a problem with the Plugin Firewall on this site.  Do these steps below and let me know if the problem is fixed or not:

    Do the steps below.
    Fix all general Plugin Firewall issues/problems:
    1. Go to the BPS Security Log page and click the Delete Log button to delete your current Security Log file contents.
    2. Go to the Plugin Firewall page.
    3. Click the Plugin Firewall BulletProof Mode Deactivate button.
    4. Delete (or cut if you want to add your existing whitelist rules back into the Plugins Script|File Whitelist Text Area) all of your Plugin Firewall whitelist rules out of the Plugins Script|File Whitelist Text Area.
    5. Click the Save Whitelist Options button.
    6. Click the Plugin Firewall Test Mode button.
    7. Check your site pages by clicking on all main website pages: contact form page, home page, login page, etc.
    8. Recheck the Plugins Script|File Whitelist Text Area (after 1 minute) and you should see new Plugin Firewall whitelist rules have been created.
    9. Change the AutoPilot Mode Cron Check Frequency to 15 minutes or whatever frequency time you would like to use.
    10. Click the Plugin Firewall Activate button.

    Reference Notes:  LiteSpeed Server, Host:  Secured Servers


    this appears to have resolved the issue. thank you

    AITpro Admin

    Great!  Thanks for confirming that fixed the issue/problem.


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    I had just installed Revolution Slider. Upon all the sliders are ready and prepared, it was block by BPS. I try to clik “Preview” in Revolution Slider plugin on the slider that I had created and it pop up the message as below:-
    Not Acceptable!
    An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

    Please guide me on how to solve the issue.
    Alex Wong

    AITpro Admin

    Do the steps in this reply in this same forum topic:  If the mod_security error is still occurring then you will need to contact your web host support and have them fix the mod_security problem on their/your server.


    reviving this same topic as i have another site using the Revolution Slider which seems to clash with BPS Pro. the site is:

    my host (siteground) seems to occasionally block some of the URLs connected to slider revolution, such as the ones below:

    The above example URLs would stop the logo from displaying in my slider as they were returning a “403 forbidden” error.

    I thought it was my host being overzealous, but they told me: “The issue is caused by the rewrite rules in wp-content/plugins/.htaccess” which of course reminded me of this topic.

    When I rename the .htaccess in the plugins folder to something else, the slider works as it’s supposed to…. but I assume doing this this also removes my firewall security 🙁

    I guess my question is: is it really necessary to do all of the steps from post #27807 in this thread in order to get the Revolution slider to cooperate with bps pro? it’s the most popular slider plugin that exists for wordpress, shouldn’t they be able to play nicely together without customizations? Thank you

    AITpro Admin

    First off you do not need to manually rename any htaccess files.  All BPS Pro features have On|Off capability.  So you would just need to do BPS Pro troubleshooting step #3: to test/check and confirm that the Plugin Firewall is causing the block.  The BPS Pro Security Log logs block hackers and spammers and also logs anything legitimate that is being blocked in a Plugin or Theme.  So the question is why Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode is not automatically creating a Plugin Firewall whitelist rule for your Slider.  Do you have Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode turned On? I checked your site and you are not using minification, which breaks the BPS Pro Plugin Firewall.  So that does not appear to be the cause of the problem.


    i went through all of my sites, noting which revslider files were whitelisted with bps pro’s firewall. the collection of urls is below:


    adding these to all of my site’s whitelists (and activating the firewall after)seems to have solved the issue for all sites using the revslider.


    AITpro Admin

    @ armintz – Ok cool, but I’m still concerned about why AutoPilot Mode did not automatically create those whitelist rules.  Are you doing anything with a Proxy?  Either on your server or in your Browser?


    nope, nothing with a proxy.

    i think the root of the issue is when the sites were migrated from one server to another… not sure if that lends any clues?

    AITpro Admin

    @ armintz – After migrating/cloning a site you should re-run the Wizards again.  The Wizards are designed to automatically correct/fix anything that has changed or is different.


    noted for future reference – thanks.


    [Topic has been merged into this relevant Topic]
    Hi again,

    After my previous post on this forum, I was able to get both pre-setup wizard and setup wizard to complete successfully. Problem now is that my slider images are not displaying – the elements are all there on the page but the slider items are all set to ‘visibility: hidden’ and don’t cycle through being visible. I’m using Slider Revolution. Could this be to do with whitelisting the appropriate script (just a guess)? What can I do to get the sliders working again?

    Thanks for your help,


    AITpro Admin

    @ Jenn – Do BPS Pro troubleshooting step #3: to test/check and confirm that the Plugin Firewall is causing the problem.

    If the Revolution Slider displays correctly after doing BPS Pro troubleshooting step #3 then…
    Which BPS Pro version do you have installed?
    Are you using Minification either in a minification plugin or caching plugin?
    Are you using a Proxy or VPN in your Browser or does your server have a Proxy?

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