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    Recently, the server that I hosted a number of sites on went down and my account was moved to a new server.

    Since the move, I’m seeing these errors in the php error log constantly.

    [03-Jun-2022 13:00:47 UTC] PHP Warning: copy(/home2/website-name/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bulletproof-security/admin/tools/ Failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/website-name/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bulletproof-security/admin/includes/admin.php on line 622
    [03-Jun-2022 13:00:47 UTC] PHP Warning: copy(/home2/website-name/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bulletproof-security/admin/php/bps_php_error_master.log): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/website-name/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bulletproof-security/admin/includes/admin.php on line 649

    Can you shed any light on what might be happening here? It seems to point to the copy operation (probably when moving/restoring the sites to a new location) but I’d have thought that if the move was made a while back, these errors would have ceased? The log fills up with them.

    In addition – I can’t seem to delete the error log. All the information remains. The error log location is in the root (i.e. public_html) and is called error_log. This file doesn’t exist in this location and isn’t created.

    Recommended locations is suggested as: /home2/website-name/public_html/wp-content/bps-backup/logs/bps_php_error.log but even when setting to this, the file doesn’t appear ro be created in that location either?

    Thanks for your help and insight

    AITpro Admin

    Try running the Pre-Installation Wizard and Setup Wizard.  Look for any errors in red font and post those errors in your reply.  The php error log problem is probably a separate problem, but running the Wizards may correct that problem.  What I think is happening is either the /wp-content/bps-backup/ folder does not exist or there is a folder permission or Ownership problem with the bps-backup folder.  Go to the BPS Pro Logs|Info menu > System Info > check the File|Folder Permissions (CGI or DSO)|Script Owner User ID (UID)|File Owner User ID table > let me know if any of the Script Owner User ID’s and/or File Owner User ID’s are different.  All of the ID numbers should be exactly the same.


    Thank you for the very swift response!

    Yes – running the pre-installation wizard and set-up wizards was the first thing I tried. Both ran as normal – nothing flagged and no change after.

    The file owner table doesn’t show anything untoward – script and file owner ID’s match. Permissions are standard 755 for folders 644 for files?


    AITpro Admin

    Maybe the problem is there are missing BPS Pro plugin files.  Try reinstalling BPS Pro using the BPS Pro built-in upload zip installer > BPS Pro Setup menu > Upload Zip Install.  Download the latest BPS Pro zip file from here >  If that does not work then send me a WordPress Administrator login to your site:  info at ait-pro dot com.


    Ok thank you – I’ve just downloaded the zip file and I’ll apply that. Hopefully, the activation key will remain


    That appears to have fixed things – I’ve also been able to delete the php error log file. Clearly, the server move affected something along the line.

    I’ll upload the zip file to all the other sites – I’m sure that this will have the same positive outcome.

    Thanks for your help. I’ve had very limited contact (indeed this is the first time I’ve joined the forum for assistance). I use BPS Pro on several sites – any remaining sites have had BPS Free since their beginnings. This has been for several years and I’ve never had a single problem in terms of security. It’s made me feel very safe (although BPS Pro does seem to add a layer of complexity to things even though I understand that it’s pretty much automated with whitelists etc.) – that’s why I haven’t updated all sites to PRO I think.

    Only one thing would make this plugin even more amazing for me – and that would be the ability to use JTC on email forms (I use forminator or WPforms on all my sites currently) – I imagine that this may present problems in terms of hooks etc. so I understand that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

    Thanks again for your assistance in this matter – and indeed with the speed in which you have dealt with the query. I have to say that it’s probably the best support I’ve experienced for a plugin. Sincere thanks.


    AITpro Admin

    Great!  Thanks for letting me know that worked.

    Yeah sometimes when doing file|folder moves/copies, all files may not be moved/copied successfully.  That typically happens on low bandwidth connections or connections that drop out intermittently.

    Thanks for the kudos.  Took a long time to get BPS Pro as easy as possible to use.  Some of the things that BPS Pro does are very complex.  So the real challenge was creating the user friendly stuff. 😉

    Yeah if I had the time to turn JTC into a 3rd party form CAPTCHA I would do that.  The difficulty is that I would have to create custom code for each “Form” plugin and a lot of them do not play nice.  Example: I tried to create a JTC CAPTCHA for Contact Form 7 and everything worked except for Form validation because CF7 strips out Form elements as an extra security precaution.  So it just was not possible to get JTC and CF7 to play nicely with each other.  The only method that would be realistically doable would be to do something like what Google reCaptcha does. 😉


    I know that the server was failing intermittently with netwok issues (and therefore I suppose writing to remote drive arrays for backups etc.)…then the SSD’s failed locally. It was pretty catastrophic by all accounts…and very unusual. But fortunately, the redundancy that was a feature of the setup worked very well and there were only a couple of small niggles after the move.

    Again – I’ve used my hosting company for a number of years and they are very good (stick with the good people you find).

    Hmmm…being beholden to Google for form checking isn’t ideal – and can often be a bad experience for users. To have the ease of JTC (like on log in forms) for email submission would just be tremendous (and lightweight because it’s already part of BPS). But I understand the difficulties. Maybe just integrating with the top 3 email plugins…a laser-like focus (I never got on with Contact Form 7 anyway). BPS Pro sales would benefit I’m sure 🙂

    Anyway – you deserve all the credit for your work on BPS…it’s been an excellent experience all round. I find that people can be quick to criticise and complain but very slow to deliver praise – and that can be slightly demoralising. My experience has only been positive and I appreciate and thank you for it.

    Have a great weekend.

    AITpro Admin

    Forgot to mention this > since some BPS Pro files did not get copied successfully, you should do a WordPress re-install on the Dashboard > Updates page just in case some WP files did not copy successfully.  Also keep an eye out for any other php errors since things like theme or other plugin files may not have copied successfully.

    BPS Pro has turned into a hobby for me.  I’m about to start a regular 9-5 soon.  So my support times will not be as quick as they have been.  I’ll be doing early morning and night support for BPS Pro. 😉


    Ah…ok. Good advice – thanks I’ll do that.

    Oh I see. I’m obviously unaware of the circumstances for the change of focus – but I wish you all the very best in your next adventure! I know that in an ideal world, not having to commit to the “norm” of a 9-5 is the most desireable outcome…but there are positives to it too.

    You clearly have skills and I’m sure that you’ll put them to the best use out there.

    I just hope that BPS doesn’t fade away – I’ve relied on it for a long time (as have many people I’m quite sure). But things change – that’s what life is…it’s dynamic…fluid…even if it’s not obvious to us at all times. All things are constantly changing and we are constantly required to adapt. Fingers crossed that you can continue your “hobby” on the side.

    Best of luck in your endeavours!


    AITpro Admin

    Well I made some newbie mistakes with BPS Pro.  I focused entirely on making the product itself awesome and spent zero time on the BPS Pro image.  That was the fatal mistake.  The WP security plugins that have succeeded focused primarily on their image and gimmicks, which is necessary if you want to be successful.

    If it ever comes to the point where I decide to hand BPS Pro off to someone else, that person will be thoroughly vetted.  I’d hate to see BPS Pro turn into just another fluff security plugin. 😉

    Yep very excited about my next adventure.  The gig is with a company that is highly prestigious and everyone I’ve met so far during multiple interviews is down to earth.  ie no BS.  😉


    Perhaps the UI could be more “commercial” but I value the functionality over everything else. I know what you are saying though.

    I wonder if anyone else would be as good as you though? My local gym was sold to a long time customer in recent times (after 33 years in business). The original owner works in there one day per week still – but it’s only gone downhill and the previous owner can see it…regretting passing it on to this person (who was also a long time acquaintance and friend of sorts). Not a very good analogy I suppose but it just goes to prove that often what makes something tick is the person not just the product.

    I’m really pleased that you are looking forward with excitement to your new pursuit. Having (and keeping the excitement) is paramount and it sounds pretty high profile so I hope you flourish there..I’m sure that you will.

    Best of luck again – enjoy your new challenge

    AITpro Admin

    Yep, I agree that the UI could be more polished/fancy.  That was what I was focusing on next.  I will be releasing BPS Pro 16.7 today that has essential procedural updates.  I am very happy with the overall functionality and automation in BPS Pro.  So yeah at the point where I can focus on the gimmicky/fancy stuff.

    Most likely I will not hand off BPS Pro to anyone else. I only mentioned that because if I did do that I would be very careful about who I was handing BPS Pro off to.  Making money was secondary to providing a great product that actually really helps people.  That was probably my second biggest mistake.  I’ve always been too idealistic.  😉

    So my point is that no matter what happens I don’t want anyone to worry about the future of BPS Pro.  My focus has and will always be on providing a good product and support so that people have the best possible experience and of course don’t have to deal with getting hacked.  I am a very humble person that suffers through imposter syndrome, which I know is common if you actually really care about other people.

    Thanks again for the positive encouragement.


    I’ll look out for the update.

    I’m sure that you’ll be able to present a slick UI which will probably have the effect of pulling even more customers in. That being said, I don’t think that your current implementation is bad at all. Maybe I’m comfortable with it after having it for so long?

    First impressions can count – especially for more more novice users.

    I notice that BPS free has 40,000+ installs – so I can imagine that BPS Pro has a fairly decent user base. It should. However, it’s telling that I’ve left some of my sites on the free version as it’s straightforward and just works. Maybe the additional features of Pro aren’t see as necessary for some – so they don’t convert?

    It’s most reassuring to note that your intentions are to stick with BPS – for now at least.

    It’s also refreshing to meet/deal with someone who is properly decent. This is reflected in your generous product, your generous support and your apparent humbleness. Being idealistic is not a negative trait…but they say it doesn’t pay the bills I suppose.

    I’m exactly like you, I’m afraid.
    I provide websites, SEO, hosting and IT assistance to friends, acquaintances and local businesses that hear about me…for stupid prices (it isn’t even my job haha…just something on the side to help). I have an inate desire to help people and not see them ripped off.  This is invariably to my own detriment.

    We’ll be rewarded in the next life I suppose 🙂

    Stay positive and hold on to some self belief. Look at what you’ve achieved already!
    You’ve got nothing to terrified of – I’m confident of that.


    AITpro Admin

    Be honest and fair with yourself, which is very difficult for me to do.  Your time is valuable.  Yeah there are lots of people that want you to work for them for peanuts.  So in my experience it is better to get a read on a person ASAP before you invest your time.  Ask what you are worth and if that person is not ok with that then move on and save yourself the aggravation of dealing with someone who does not value your time/work.

    Your sense of humor is precious so guard it.  Nothing is worth losing that.  😉

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