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    Hello, I host with GVO.com and don’t know the server or API. In a nutshell, there was a conflict with w3 total cache, which I deleted. Site still bolloxed, so I deleted BPS. The site started working again, on the outside. The inside workings updating any plugins etc… does not work. Can’t up load or update anything, including getting BPS back into operation. I’m worried I may have to delete a working site that gets traffic and sales, because of this problem. I’ve tried to read the website and instructions. I just don’t understand it all, Sorry!!!

    I really need help getting my site active and workable again. Can you help please?


    Hello Sean,

    On the BPS Pro System Info page you will find your Server API as well as other system information about your website, Host, Server, etc. for future reference.

    BPS Pro is designed in a way that you would never need to delete the BPS Pro Plugin for troubleshooting problems. Advanced Troubleshooting is built into BPS Pro.  Please see the BPS Pro General Troubleshooting help page here for future reference >>> http://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/read-me-first-pro/

    I see that you have had BPS Pro installed for over a year now.  Please provide specific details of when and how this problem started, ie I did this and then the site stopped working, the problem started on X after I did Y.  Please be as specific as possible with the details and once you have posted those specific details then create a temporary WordPress Admin login account for me and email that login information to edward[at]ait-pro[com].

    And of course you would never have to delete or recreate a working site unless of course you have some sort of other problem with your Website/WordPress Database that has nothing at all to do with BPS Pro.


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