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    Email Question:

    I have 2 errors I’m trying to solve after reinstalling the plugin on a website that was migrated to another server.
    I wanted to perform a “complete uninstall” to solve them but I’m unable to find how to do. There is no window appearing to offer a complete uninstall option when trying to delete.

    1. Setup Wizard error: Error: Unable to create DB Table _bpspro_folder_lock

    2. A PHP Error has been logged in your PHP Error Log

    3. Script|File Owner User ID Mismatch Notice

    AITpro Admin


    Edit|Update:  This is a DB issue/problem.

    The php errors are related to the BPS Pro Folder Lock DB table problem.

    You have a problem with your database collation. On the System Info page these 2 values below are blank:
    If you would like for me to fix this then I would need web host control panel login access. So that I can open phpMyAdmin and set the correct collation for your database. Hopefully this is fixable. If you imported a database with a different storage engine then that might not be fixable and you would have to do the migration/import again. Example: If your old DB was using storage engine: MyISAM and your new DB is InnoDB then that could cause this type of problem.
    DB Charset:
    DB Collation:

    Or if you are comfortable with using phpMyAdmin then do these quick steps to fix this problem >


    For the setup wizard folder lock db table error do these steps:

    Go to the BPS Pro > File|Folder Lock > Folder Lock tab page.
    Change this option setting > Folder Lock On|Off (Folder Lock Cron Check) > to Folder Lock Off (if it is not already Off).
    Click the Save Folder Lock Cron Options button.
    Click the Reset|Clear Folder Lock Alerts button.
    Click the Rescan|Add Hosting Account Root Folders button.

    For the PHP Error Log alert:
    Go to the PHP Error Log page and send me the php errors that are occurring so I can take a look at them.

    For the Script|File Owner User ID Mismatch Notice:

    Do the steps in this forum topic to fix this problem >

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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