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    The new warning / error message also appears after plugin  and theme updates one one of my websites.



    It does after theme updates on mine, not noticed with plugins though

    AITpro Admin

    @ Simon – There are several different AutoRestore Automation FailSafes and displayed messages for WordPress Manual Updates (single and Bulk updates), WordPress Automatic Updates and WordPress Shiny Updates (single and Bulk updates) if/when various problems occur with AutoRestore Automation.  Do you have the most current version of WordPress and BPS Pro installed on that site?  BPS Pro 12+ versions use AJAX AutoRestore Automation for WordPress 4.6+ versions and BPS Pro 12+ versions also have backward compatibility AutoRestore Automation for WordPress versions below 4.6.  BPS Pro versions below version 12 need to be upgraded to the most current version of BPS Pro if you have WordPress 4.6+ versions installed.

    So did any files get quarantined?  Did you follow the steps in the displayed message?  Did you run into any problems?


    I have all the latest Updates. And no i did not run into problem. Just to inform you that this occurred with plugin and theme update.

    AITpro Admin

    @ Simon – Ok cool.  I rechecked the AutoRestore Automation FailSafe info and see that there are 23 different FailSafe code/conditions/functions that handle a possibility of 60 different causes for AutoRestore Automation failure for:  WordPress Manual Updates (single and Bulk updates), WordPress Automatic Updates and WordPress Shiny Updates (single and Bulk updates).  Yep, it does look like the new FailSafe message would be displayed if the conditions of the AutoRestore Automation failure meet/match the criteria for the newest FailSafe code/conditions/functions.  A lot of the FailSafe checks/code/conditions/functions overlap each other since AutoRestore Automation failure could occur at different times during an update/upgrade and for different reasons/causes.

    Gary Henderson

    Same or  similar problem with WP 4.9?  I just backed up and did the automatic upgrade to WP 4.9, which seemed to go fine.  Then I went to the Plugins page, clicked New, and tried to browse to my system’s directory, and the site went all white screen.  Got BPS pro notification emails that 229 files just got quarantined, so it seems that the upgrade was blocked.  I will read and follow the instructions posted above.

    AITpro Admin

    Gary Henderson – Let me if the the documented fix steps at the beginning of this forum topic work or not.

    General explanation of why this type of problem occurs sometimes (luckily very rarely):
    We are aware of this issue/problem with ARQ Automation and some WP Major updates/upgrades depending on what particular areas WP has changed/been working on/etc and a couple of other intermittent latency/timing issues on Major WP updates/upgrades.  I don’t want to bore you with the technical stuff so the general layman’s answer is WP has “upgrader” files and functions that handle WP Core updates, plugin and theme updates and BPS also uses the same WP “upgrader” files and functions using WP Actions and Filters so there is sometimes a “latency/timing” problem when WP itself is using its own internal functions and BPS is also accessing/processing WP “upgrader” files and functions.



    Before updating to 4.9 (BPS 13.3.3) I have just found all these quarantined files “since 2016-12-06”. Should I delete them?

    class-wp-rest-settings-controller.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-settings-controller.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-taxonomies-controller.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-taxonomies-controller.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-revisions-controller.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-revisions-controller.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-controller.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-controller.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-attachments-controller.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-attachments-controller.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-post-statuses-controller.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-post-statuses-controller.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-users-controller.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-users-controller.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-post-types-controller.php   /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-post-types-controller.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-comments-controller.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-comments-controller.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-posts-controller.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-posts-controller.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-terms-controller.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-terms-controller.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-user-meta-fields.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/fields/class-wp-rest-user-meta-fields.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-comment-meta-fields.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/fields/class-wp-rest-comment-meta-fields.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-meta-fields.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/fields/class-wp-rest-meta-fields.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-term-meta-fields.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/fields/class-wp-rest-term-meta-fields.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-wp-rest-post-meta-fields.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/rest-api/fields/class-wp-rest-post-meta-fields.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-IXR-server.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-server.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-IXR-error.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-error.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-IXR-message.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-message.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-IXR-clientmulticall.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-clientmulticall.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-IXR-introspectionserver.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-introspectionserver.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-IXR-date.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-date.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-IXR-value.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-value.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-IXR-base64.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-base64.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-IXR-client.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-client.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44
    class-IXR-request.php    /homepages/38/dxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-request.php    2016-12-06 20:28:44

    Thanks in advance.

    AITpro Admin

    @ Jose – Yep, go ahead and delete those old quarantined WP files.

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