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    AITpro Admin

    Email Question:

    Hi again,

    I noticed one wired thing today, I should just change some settings in WP such as disable comments for public and enable For only registered users, and then suddenly after I clicked save the whole dashboard was “locked” on some way and when I refreshed The WP dashboard than I got the message “Access forbidden” and nothing more.. just the same message as when You lock Your self out…  Not sure why this happened …? I know that you wrote about to turn off ARG etc.. when installing new plugins, themes etc… but do we need to do the same steps IF we just make some changes in the WP ? 

    Thank You !

    Best regards



    AITpro Admin

    This issue/problem is most likely not related to BulletProof Security Pro.  Please explain step by step exactly what settings you are changing and the exact error message that you are seeing. Thanks.

    AITpro Admin

    Email Reply:

    I tried to reproduce the error I mentioned whoch You wrote in the forum topic, but I was not able.. It’s working now, but however  right after I have installed BP I just clicked on plugins, settings just to verify that everything is working, And suddenly I received a message as You can see in the attached image screen-shot-1, than when I clicked on “click here” to fix the error message Then the whole WP was white colored just as You lock it as described in the attached image screen-shot-2 Not sure what’s happening but it suddenly crash and lock me out.. Can You please help me with first time installation ? I really do all the steps as You mentioned in the video but at the end I receive mentioned message And there it stops L..

    I will go out now for couple hours but than I will be back, so if You have some time we can take a look on it together ?

    I can let You inn on to my desktop screen, and I can run through first setup so You see what and how I do it… ?


    Screenshot 1


    Screenshot 2



    AITpro Admin

    The original problem you mentioned is not related to or caused by BPS Pro.  😉  It may be/probably is related to whatever other plugin that you have installed that is causing the problem that you are now experiencing with BPS Pro.

    The first problem caused in screenshot 1 is happening because you have another plugin installed on your website that is using the WordPress flush_rewrite_rules function inappropriately/incorrectly and this is wiping out/deleting the BPS Pro security code in your root .htaccess file – http://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/read-me-first-pro/#flush-rewrite-rules

    The second problem is the one we have already discussed in a previous email – your Server/Website does not allow you to lock your root .htaccess file and/or other files.  You cannot use F-Lock on your Server/Website.  Since you have full control of your Server then you should go ahead and now configure your Server to allow you to use F-Lock to lock files.  I cannot assist you with configuring your Server since this is outside of the scope of BPS Pro support.

    You currently have a catch 22 situation going on.  Normally you can prevent other plugins that are using the WordPress flush_rewrite_rules function inappropriately/incorrectly by using F-Lock to lock your files.  Since you cannot use F-Lock on your Server/Website then you will either need to delete the other plugin that is causing this problem on your website, reconfigure your Server to allow you to use F-Lock or you will need to notify the plugin author for that plugin and have them fix their plugin code.

    Send me a temporary WordPress Admin login to this website and I will tell you which plugin is causing the problem.

    AITpro Admin


    As it turns out WordPress 3.5 is now running the WP flush_rewrite_rules function when opening accessing the Settings >>> Permalinks page to check if the root .htaccess file is writable and if it is then flush the contents of the root .htaccess file.  So since this person is unable to lock his root .htaccess files then the BPS .htaccess code is being removed when going to the Permalinks page.  The second issue is a Server side configuration issue and will be corrected by the user since he has full control / owns the Server.

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