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    Just attempted to install BPS Pro on a site (second time I’ve installed BPS Pro) and the pre-setup wizard ran fine but the actual setup wizard has been ‘processing’ for hours now. I’ve opened a new tab and can apparently use the plugin features but I’m just not sure if anything went wrong in the installation that I haven’t noticed. Is there a way I can check that the plugin is installed properly? Is there something I should to make sure there’s no background errors?

    Thanks for the advice.

    AITpro Admin

    @ Jenn – Go to the Setup Wizard Options tab page > cURL Scan Option: Turn On|Off cURL Scan > select cURL Scan Off > click the Save cURL|DB Monitor Options button > run the Pre-Installation Wizard again > run the Setup Wizard again.  If you are unable to get the Wizard to run successfully after doing any/all of these things then send us a WordPress Administrator login to this website to:  info at ait-pro dot com and we will figure what is causing the Setup Wizard to hang.

    Other known issues that can cause the Wizards to hang:
    1. PHP memory limit is set too low.  Your PHP memory limit should be set to at least 128M.  Contact your host support folks to increase your PHP memory limit to 128M if it is not already at least 128M.
    2. Extremely large files, such as backup files are causing the Wizard to hang.  Backup folders that contain backup files should be excluded from being backed up and checked by AutoRestore.  See link below for how to create AutoRestore folder exclude rules.
    3. Themes with excessive files or extremely large bundled plugin zip files causes the Wizard to hang.  Theme folders that contain bundled zip files should be excluded from being backed up and checked by AutoRestore. See link below for how to create AutoRestore folder exclude rules.
    4. fubar code in a wp-config.php file or code in the wrong place in a wp-config.php. Check your wp-config.php file for fubar code and remove it.
    5.  open_basedir enabled|On php.ini file setting.  New code was created in BPS Pro 12.4.1 @ 8pm on 12-2-2016 that resolves this problem. Download the new BPS Pro zip file here:   Use the BPS Pro Upload Zip installer located under the BPS Pro > Setup menu > Upload Zip Install > to install the new BPS Pro zip file. The BPS Pro version is still the same. Then run the Pre-Installation Wizard and Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard should complete successfully without hanging/stalling. Note: open_basedir causes the Setup Wizard to take longer to complete, but total install time should be less than 2 minutes.

    How to create AutoRestore wp-content folder exclude rules:


    Hi Aitpro,

    I have recently got an issue with the setup wizard not completing – just endless spinning. Up until now it has always worked fine.

    The pre-installation setup wizard runs perfectly each time, with no warnings, but the setup wizard now never completes.

    My site setup is: shared hosting, main wordpress website in its own sub-folder (GWIOD site) + another totally separate wp site in a sub-folder as an addon domain. And the whole site has a root .htaccess file too, with appropriate setup in it.

    I’ve tried running the setup wizard with various options on/off. And as I’ve had a recent problem with the site shutting me out whilst in MM (I think it’s due to the IP changing frequently??) , and having to repeatedly rename the .htaccess file to log back in, I’ve been keeping the ARQ off at present.

    So far I’ve tried it with: Autofix on & off; cURL on & off; htaccess enabled & disabled; MMode on & off; and ARQ on & off – and a combination of these too – but all with no change.

    I’ve checked in your forum, and double checked my php memory, which is 256MB, and can’t find any large zipped files in any backups folders or theme folders, so haven’t added any ARQ exclude rules as yet.

    I’ve also noticed that I’ve now lost all my previously saved plugin firewall whitelist too – now just blank.

    WP and all plugins are all up to date – BUT when I did the most recent update of WP 4.9 to 4.9.1 I ended up with a completely white dashboard screen, which on page refresh then showed an error that ARQ couldn’t do a backup of all the WP files so hadn’t been turned on, but otherwise the admin section worked again OK.

    Also I then tried to do backups manually of all files in ARQ (before turning it back on), but it wouldn’t complete on the wp-content backup section (all others completed OK). Not sure if this is related?

    Any ideas to get the setup wizard to work again?

    many thanks, j

    AITpro Admin

    Sorry for the late reply.  We had some wild fires in our area.  Fortunately we were extremely lucky.  Stressful stuff.  This problem is something that I need to look at directly.  Please send me a WP Admin login to this website.  We are experiencing random power spikes and outages, but I will let you know when I am logged in and working on the problem.  😉


    No problem, and if you need to delay looking at this that’s fine as it must be a nightmare for you over there.

    Currently it’s in frontend MM via BPS pro, will that be a problem for you to log in? If so just let me know and I’ll take it out of MM for you.

    But I’ll email you the login details now anyway.

    Cheers, j

    AITpro Admin

    @ jenni101 – Anytime you are ready send me a WP Admin Login and also an FTP login to this hosting.  email address : info at ait-pro dot com.


    Thanks – sorry for the huge delay but back on track now!

    Just thought, as I’m now going to move site to a new hosting provider/server probably best to do this first, just in case the issues I’m having are related to my current setup.

    So, will move site, re-test and then update here, OK?

    Cheers j

    AITpro Admin

    @ jenni101 – Ok sounds good.


    @ait-pro – OK, moved hosting to Siteground and retested and still an issue but only with the 1 site now – my smaller (lighter) addon domain site worked fine.

    Also when tried to do backups for ARQ before turning it back on, again the wp-content one wouldn’t complete. Which makes me think it must be something in my site wp-content folder…

    I’ve had to remove the php_value settings from my .htaccess files now as they crashed my site on Siteground – it seems that they don’t allow any changes to these; but their php_value memory_limit is still OK at 768M.

    I’ve looked at this thread for fixes, and have added wp-content/themes/kleo and /wp-content/bps-backup to the ARQ folder exclude rules as they looked like very large files. Then tried re-running the setup wizard again, and with cURL scan off – still constantly spinning.

    So still a bit stuck as I can’t find what’s stopping it, and would still appreciate it if you could check it for me.

    I’ll email login and ftp info, and the site remains in frontend MM, with ARQ off (as can’t do the backup of wp-content or run the setup wizard). Many thanks, j

    AITpro Admin

    @ jenni101 – The problem is now fixed.

    Problem: Found a shortcut folder link under your wp-content folder: backups-duo-pro. I assume this shortcut link was created on a Local Development server on a Microsoft Windows computer. The shortcut folder link only showed up/was visible under my FTP client and not in your web host control panel file manager.  The shortcut folder link is not a valid linux folder so it was causing the Setup Wizard to hang/fail.

    Solution: Deleted the shortcut folder link. Ran the Pre-Installation Wizard and Setup Wizard successfully without any problems.

    Important Note: When your website is in Maintenance Mode the Plugin Firewall automation cannot get any new Plugin Firewall whitelist rules.  Once you take your website out of Maintenance Mode run Plugin Firewall Test Mode. See help info below.

    Plugin Firewall Test Mode
    Clicking the Test Mode button will allow you to check the frontend of your website as if you are visitor to your website to check for any problems or errors. You do not need to check the backend wp-admin Dashboard of your site. AutoPilot Mode is also enabled when you are in Test Mode. Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode will automatically create any new Plugin Firewall whitelist rules (once every 1 minute in Test Mode) for frontloading plugin scripts on the frontend of your website while Test Mode is turned On. Clicking the Plugin Firewall Activate or Deactivate button turns Off Plugin Firewall Test Mode. The BPS Pro Dashboard Status Display will display: PFW: Test Mode : 1 Min : 00:00 AM when Test Mode is turned On.

    Plugin Firewall Test Mode Example Usage:
    If you have these example plugins installed: WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery and Contact Form 7 then you would visit/click your main WooCommerce store pages: Shop, Cart, Checkout, Registration and My Account, visit/click you NextGen Gallery page and visit/click your Contact Form 7 contact page/form. If you do see a problem or error, wait 1 minute and check the problem or error again. AutoPilot Mode/Test Mode is designed to automatically create new Plugin Firewall whitelist rules for any problems or errors that are detected when the next Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode Cron job runs (once every 1 minute in Test Mode). You can also check the actual functionality of plugins, but normally that should not be necessary to do. After you are done using Test Mode, you can either leave the AutoPilot Mode Cron Check Frequency setting to 1 minute or you can change the Cron Check Frequency to a different Cron check frequency setting.

    Other issues:
    A DB Backup .sql (File Date: 8-13-2017) file was found in your GWIOD root folder: database.sql. Moved this sql file to this folder: /wp-content/bps-backups/backups_xxxxxxxxxx


    @ait-pro – Thanks very much for looking into it and for sorting it out! Brilliant!
    I’ll check it out tomorrow when I’m more awake. EXCELLENT support – as always 🙂

    Cheers, j

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