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    I created a multisite network and this message appears when I activate the W3TC:

    W3 Total Cache is deactivated and W3TC htaccess code was found in your root htaccess file.
    If this is just temporary then this warning message will go away when you reactivate W3TC. If you are planning on uninstalling W3TC the W3TC htaccess code will be automatically removed from your root htaccess file when you uninstall W3TC. Your Root htaccess file must be temporarily unlocked so that W3TC can remove the W3TC Root htaccess code. If you manually edit your root htaccess file then refresh your browser to perform a new HUD htaccess file check.

    While I have followed all the steps, turn after I created the network. Htacces with magic buttons for multisite, then activate the plugin, one of them the W3TC, allowing only be activated for the network.
    Apparently everything works fine, I checked the. Htacces and this has W3TC rules, but the message always appears.
    Translated by Google

    AITpro Admin

    Please see the BPS Pro Network/Multisite setup and troubleshooting Forum link below to ensure that you are setting up BPS Pro correctly on this Network/Multisite site.




    Yes, the steps explained in the BPS Pro Network/Multisite setup and troubleshooting Forum I followed.

    EDIT: Another detail. As stated in the General Help Information About BPS and WordPress Network / MU Websites, ONLY Super Admins can see the BPS menu in sub-sites for Both Free and BPS Pro BPS

    I created a test blog and I do not see anywhere BPS Pro options

    AITpro Admin

    “…then activate the plugin, one of them the W3TC, allowing only be activated for the network.”

    I do not understand what you are saying above.  Once you explain exactly how everything is setup on this site then I will test and see if this is bug.

    Is W3TC Network Activated?  Is the BPS Pro alert displaying on all sites?


    Sorry, I use google translator is not very good. 🙁

    Disable all plugins unless BPS Pro
    Wp.config.php modified for multisite
    From the main blog makes the. Htacces with magic buttons for web and Activate Security Modes
    Active the plugin I need for the network, BPS Pro NO
    Appears in the main blog error message W3TC
    And as most other data. I create a test blog. No options are visible BPS Pro when I visit.

    AITpro Admin

    Ok thanks.  I will test this and see if this is something that needs to be fixed in BPS Pro.  Thanks.

    AITpro Admin

    Yes, this was an additional check that needed to be added to BPS Pro.  I have added an additional check for “is W3TC Network Activated”.  Please download and install the updated bulletproof-security.zip file from the AITpro Secure Download Area.

    Just additional FYI information for anyone installing W3TC on Network/Multisite:

    1.  Network Activate W3TC.
    2.  Go to W3TC General Settings in the Network Admin Dashboard.
    3.  Choose to uncheck this setting or not:  Use single network configuration file for all sites.
    Only one configuration file for whole network will be created and used. Recommended if all sites have the same configuration.

    Either leaving the single network configuration file for all sites option checked or unchecking this option will work with BPS.  Unchecking this option allows you to configure W3TC per subsite.  If you do not uncheck the option setting above then you will not see any W3TC options settings available to you in your subsite Dashboards when you click on the W3TC plugin menu in those subsites.  Personally I believe the best method that will work well with BPS is to uncheck this option and then ONLY change the W3TC options on your Primary site and NOT change W3TC options on any of your subsites.

    Saving W3TC cache code permanently to BPS Custom Code


    Thank you.
    Just one more thing. In the test blog I created I can not see in the control panel icon BPS Pro when I access as super admin.
    Is it correct?

    AITpro Admin

    The BPS Pro plugin should ONLY be seen/viewable on the Primary Network/Multisite site and none of the subsites.  If you see BPS Pro on a subsite then you have Network Activated it.  If BPS Pro is Network Activated and you change settings on a subsite then the entire site will crash.  By configuring BPS Pro on the Primary site the security protection is automatically protecting all the virtual subsites.


    Ok, thank you for all

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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