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    Eric D.

    Hi Guys need your help. I installed BPS PRO and suddenly the website went down.  I deleted the BPS Pro folder (through FTP) but it didn’t fix the error.  What should I do now?


    AITpro Admin

    Please describe in specific detail exactly what occurred.

    Example:  I was doing X at the time the problem occurred.


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    I’m having some strange intermittent 500 internal server errors on a few of my sites that I have just recently uninstalled the bullet proof pro plugin on.

    My sites have worked flawlessly for months and all have the most recent versions of all plugins and WordPress, but after uninstalling I’m getting lots of 500 internal server errors in the back end of WordPress and intermittent ones on the fron end too.

    After installing the BPSP plugin I encountered too many front end issues with gravity forms – image galleries – revolution sliders etc to make it a viable security option. I have gone through the entire debugging process and  have added a large array of js files to the plugin firewall whitelist however the front end just becomes too glitchy and unstable.

    Don’t get me wrong as I love this plugin but the sites I’m using them on do have a lot of plugins (15+) running and the issues are very time consuming to debug which is why I just chose to uninstall the plugin but after doing so I’ve just been met with a barrage of intermittent 500 internal server errors.

    My question is; have you encountered these increase 500 server errors before after uninstalling before and is there a solution? I have gone through FTP and deleted all traced of BPSP after uninstalling via WordPress and have deleted all caches etc. I have even uninstalled Wp Super cache, reinstalled again but issue persists. I have installed WP Fastest cache now but I’m just getting the same issues and all issues have begun since uninstalling BPSP.

    Here are some of the server error logs, (the site has never had any memory errors before):

    [error] [client] (12)Cannot allocate memory: couldn't create child process: /opt/suphp/sbin/suphp for /home7/develcom/public_html/index.php
    [error] [client] (12)Cannot allocate memory: couldn't create child process: /opt/suphp/sbin/suphp for /home7/develcom/public_html/index.php
    [error] [client] (12)Cannot allocate memory: couldn't create child process: /opt/suphp/sbin/suphp for /home7/develcom/public_html/index.php
    [error] [client] (12)Cannot allocate memory: couldn't create child process: /opt/suphp/sbin/suphp for /home7/develcom/public_html/index.php
    [error] [client] (12)Cannot allocate memory: couldn't create child process: /opt/suphp/sbin/suphp for /home7/develcom/public_html/index.php, referer: http://www.devel.com.au/custom-home-builders/
    [error] [client] (12)Cannot allocate memory: couldn't create child process: /opt/suphp/sbin/suphp for /home7/develcom/public_html/wp-content/plugins/justified-image-grid/timthumb.php, referer: http://www.devel.com.au/custom-home-builders/

    Any Help Greatly Appreciated & Thanks in Advance

    AITpro Admin

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    Do these steps below to get your site stabilized first and then I will assist you with setting up BPS Pro on one of your sites to make sure that there is not some sort of server compatibility issue or something deeper like that going on.  BPS Pro setup is quick and simple in most cases so if extensive problems are going on then there is some sort of deeper issue going on.

    1.  FTP to your website and delete your root and wp-admin .htaccess files.
    2.  With FTP check your wp-config.php file and if you see WP Super Cache code in your wp-config.php file then delete it.
    3.  Login to your website and go to WordPress Settings >>> Permalinks and resave your Permalinks.

    At this point there should be no traces of either BPS Pro or WP Super Cache left behind on your website.  Let me know if you are still seeing errors and problems.



    Thanks for the fast response.

    Yes I downloaded my root htaccess via FTP and found some remnant BPSP define ini rules remaining and deleted them.

    /** BEGIN BPS Pro ini_set Settings **/
    etc etc

    I also found 2 lines of remaining WP super cache a code in the wp-config.php file as suggested.

    define( 'WPCACHEHOME', '/hom***/dev***/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/' ); 
    //Added by WP-Cache Manager
    define('WP_CACHE', true); //Added by WP-Cache Manager

    Hopefully this will make a difference in the backend stability. I’ll let you know shortly. Thanks Again..

    AITpro Admin

    I would like to look at one of your sites and setup BPS Pro on that site tomorrow so pick one your sites for this and then send the login directly to edward at ait-pro . com.  A 6am to 7am login time tomorrow would be great for me so let me know if that works for you.  Thanks.


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    i have a big problem and really don’t know why this happened. After Login to wp-admin page i can’t see any Tabs in BPS Pro – the whole text line by line on one page. The BPS entries in the wp-toolbar don´t show the icons – some plugin icons are missing too. I searched the forum for help but nothing helped. Many scripts on home shows the 500 Internal Server Error and i don´t know how to fix it. Can you help? I need really support for that problem.

    Thanks a lot

    AITpro Admin

    When was your website last ok?  Did you install anything since your website was ok?  Have you changed any settings, added or installed anything since the last time your website was ok?

    A 500 Internal Server Error is a very general HTTP Error Status Response code that can be caused by many different things.  The 500 error could be caused by BPS or it could be caused by something else.  So let’s start with some BPS troubleshooting steps:


    1. On the Security Modes page, click the Root Folder BulletProof Mode Deactivate button. See Custom Code Note if doing this step works.
    After doing Step #1 is the problem still occurring? If so, do Step #2
    2. On the Security Modes page, click the wp-admin Folder BulletProof Mode Deactivate button.  See Custom Code Note if doing this step works.
    After doing Step #2 is the problem still occurring? If so, do Step #3
    3. On the Security Modes page, click the Plugin Firewall BulletProof Mode Deactivate button.

    Let me know the results of doing the troubleshooting steps.


    All was fine at lunch today.  The last thing i did was a whitelist line in the firewall plugin some custom code to speed up. There was nothing installed like plugins etc. no update either. I thought that the hyper-cache plugin is the prob but i deactivated it – the error is still there… so i read a lot about wrong htaccess code in custom code but the code was in other systems too, so…

    I will do the troubleshooting steps and give an answer.

    THX, nukleuz

    AITpro Admin

    Ok most likely either there is an invalid Plugin Firewall whitelist rule (most likely) or there is a typo in the custom code you added (less likely).  Deleting/deactivating the Plugin Firewall should confirm that the issue is an invalid whitelist rule.  If everything starts working normally after deactivating the Plugin Firewall then post all of your Plugin Firewall whitelist rules here.


    I did:
    Step 2 -> nothing
    Step 3 -> nothing
    Step 4 -> optical everything is fine – technical too! No errors.

    What can i do to let it run without errors?
    PS: The firewall plugin was deactivated before i did step 2 ! If i enable it (FW) the error is there again…

    AITpro Admin

    You have an invalid Plugin Firewall whitelist rule.  Post all of your Plugin Firewall whitelist rules so that I can see which one is not valid and give you the correct whitelist rule.



    /2-click-socialmedia-buttons/js/social_bookmarks-min.js, /subscribe2/extension/readygraph/assets/js/my-script.js, /all-in-one-seo-pack/quickedit_functions.js, /contact-form-7/includes/js/jquery.form.min.js, /contact-form-7/includes/js/scripts.js, /simple-lightbox/template-tags/item/tag.item.js
    and additional whitelist:
    server01.monitor.xxx.de, server02.monitor.xxx.de, 80.237.136.x, 80.237.136.x, 66.249.93.xxx
    AITpro Admin

    Your plugin script whitelist rules look fine, but the additional whitelist rules are missing “Allow from”.


    Allow from server01.monitor.xxx.de, Allow from server02.monitor.xxx.de, Allow from, Allow from, Allow from

    Mhhh 😉 every rule with “Allow from” – everyone who can read … )

    I will try…. It seems to work now.
    1. save new whitelist rules -> activate FW-Plugin (all fine)
    2. Click the Root Folder BulletProof Mode Activate button.
    3. Click the wp-admin Folder BulletProof Mode Activate button.

    NO ERRORS! THX man – best support ever! 😉

    A last question (a bit off topic): Why do i have no problems with the additional rules in the past? And do i have to clean the hyper cache after i save some changes in BPS-Pro?

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