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    AITpro Admin

    @ Jo Huey – The BPS Pro plugin does not cause any website slowness and actually improves website performance speeds.  If you want to improve your website performance even more then add the BPS Speed Boost Cache code here:  https://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/htaccess-caching-code-speed-boost-cache-code/  If your website/server is still performing poorly then you will need to contact your web host support folks for assistance with whatever is causing that problem.  Yes, I recommend that you delete the WP-Cron Control plugin.

    Jo Huey

    Big thanks.

    Another question.

    I had to turn the captcha off as I had to redirect the login page for my Learndash system. The login page didn’t have a field for the captcha so I couldn’t log in ad it was expecting me to input the captcha info.

    Make sense?

    AITpro Admin

    @ Jo Huey – Yep, if the Learndash system has a custom login page and that Learndash plugin custom login page does not include standard WordPress Hooks – Actions and Filters that other plugins can hook into then other plugins will not be able to load things like a CAPTCHA form field.  So yep you would need to turn off the CAPTCHA feature since it would not work on the Learndash plugin custom login page.


    So, I received an email telling me there was a new BPS pro version.

    So far so good, I went to my WP admin area to update it. (note: I update all my plugins and theme once a week)

    Well, BPS has always been lazy (at best) to update, so I tried to force the update, refresh and all I could do and think to wake it up, then I noticed the version, 14.2… whereas BPS is now 14.5! It would have been nice to let me know about the .3 and .4 versions, but let’s just say that these emails were not noticed, maybe considered as spam and were thrown in the trash …

    Ok, no automatic update for me, but there is a manual update method mentioned. Not very user-friendly, but why not. So I searched for the file “bulletproof-security.zip”… Not easy, it is well hidden, but when I finally found it (https://www.ait-pro.com/pd/), I was asked to “Enter your BPS Pro Download-Request Key”???

    Of course, this key is nowhere to be found… maybe it was in a long lost e-mail, but now I have no way to get my hands on it…

    Why is it so hard to update this plugin?

    AITpro Admin

    @ liane – I have resent your BPS Pro Download-Request Key email.  Check your email Junk/Spam folder if you do not see the email.

    Unfortunately, some people’s web hosts block communication with our API server, which blocks the BPS Pro plugin update notification.  Other plugin’s and theme’s API code can also block communication to our API server.  Envato used to do that. Not sure if that problem still exists or not. I see that you once had that known problem with the Envato API in this forum topic > https://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/wp-mu-plugin-update/#post-22887

    We recently noticed that some people were not receiving the alternative BPS Pro upgrade notification emails (for folks whose web host’s or other plugins or themes block the BPS Pro plugin upgrade notifications) and made some changes on our end to see if we could resolve or improve this issue. It appears that the work we did on our end worked for your particular website/web host.  You did receive the BPS Pro alternative upgrade notification email.

    Regarding finding the BPS Pro plugin download area – if you look at the top navigation menu on all of our websites you will see this menu > “BPS Pro Download”.  Clicking that menu link will get you to the BPS Pro Download area.

    We make every effort to make upgrading BPS Pro simple.  For most people they successfully receive the BPS Pro plugin update notification on their WordPress Plugins page and upgrade BPS Pro just like every other WordPress Plugin with 1 click.  The difference of course between other WordPress Plugins in the WordPress Plugin Repository and BPS Pro is that BPS Pro is on our API server here > api.ait-pro.com and WordPress Plugins are on the WordPress API server.  If your web host or any of your other plugins or themes interfere with or break communication to our API server then unfortunately that leaves you with using the BPS Pro alternative manual upgrade method or taking the time to figure out what is breaking/interfering with communication from our API server to your website/web host server.


    Thanks, I received the code and updating with the zip file went flawlessly.

    Of course, this method has the disadvantage of not being automated, and I’m pretty sure the previous notification emails went directly to the spam folder, making the updates not noticed.

    Also, until 14.2, BPS was a little reluctant at seeing an upgrade but it eventually succeeded.

    May I suggest that the download key is displayed in BPS PRO (if activated of course), that would make finding it a little easier and I’m pretty sure I’ll have lost it next time I’ll need it.

    Oh, and I just didn’t see the whole menubar, I’m using a dark theme and that made it blend into the window frame where I have already a whole lot of links

    AITpro Admin

    @ liane – The BPS Pro Download-Request Key is not stored on websites (in the DB or a file).  This is intentional because some people have several people who login to their websites and some people hire developers or designers or other people to work on their websites. Most likely no one would copy and use the BPS Pro Download-Request Key on a website.  We keep copies of all BPS Pro Download-Request Keys in case someone loses their DR Key and needs it resent to them.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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