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    AITpro Admin

    @ Peter – Theme updates/upgrades/installations are completely automated by AutoRestore assuming you are not installing a Theme remotely. ie a remote installation plugin.  You do not have to turn off AutoRestore when updating/upgrading/installing Themes.  ARQ turns itself off automatically when you install or upgrade a Theme and displays a link for you to click to complete AutoRestore file backup.  If you do turn off AutoRestore then that will mean that you would then need to manually backup the new Theme files that you updated/installed on the AutoRestore page by clicking the wp-content Folder >>> Backup Files button before turning AutoRestore back On.  So it is actually much simpler and quicker to allow AutoRestore Automation to handle Theme upgrades/updates/installations automatically.

    Since you cannot access the BPS Pro Xternal Tools Form to turn Off AutoRestore first then do these steps:

    1. To manually turn off/deactivate AutoRestore use phpMyAdmin in your web host control panel and do a database search for this database option name:  bulletproof_security_options_ARCM and delete it.
    2. Using FTP upload your Theme folder to the /themes/ folder and overwrite your existing Theme folder.
    3. Either run the Pre-Installation & Setup Wizard again or go to AutoRestore and click the wp-content Folder >>> Backup Files button to backup your new theme files.
    4. Go to Quarantine and delete all of the theme files in Quarantine.


    Thanks for your prompt reply.  That all worked just fine.

    AITpro Admin

    Great!  Thanks for confirming that worked.  I think what we need to do is make the Xternal Tools Form “movable”.  Ie make the /xternal.php file work from within WordPress and also as a stand alone file by manually copying it to the website root folder so that it would work even if this type of blank site problem occurs.


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    I am running BPS Pro 11.4 There is 349 files quarantined after a theme update: I am sure there is a thread which explains what I have to do to fix.
    Can you kindly point me in that direction 🙂

    Thank you!

    AITpro Admin

    AutoRestore|Quarantine Troubleshooting Steps and Solutions

    There are several different solutions in the link above to restore excessive files from Quarantine.  How did you do the Theme update?  From within your WordPress Dashboard?  Using a 3rd party remote installation plugin?  Uploading theme files via FTP?


    I had used a third party(theme) back-end button but just reinstalled via FTP and seems to be working correctly now. Thanks!

    AITpro Admin

    If you install or upgrade a theme within your WordPress Dashboard then you will see an AutoRestore|Quarantine message to click a link to complete AutoRestore backup – the entire process is automated and seamless.  If you install Theme files remotely using a remote 3rd party plugin from a remote website you can exclude the /themes/ folder from being checked by ARQ so that Theme files do not get quarantined.  If you are manually editing or uploading files via FTP then see these AutoRestore|Quarantine Manual File Editing/Uploading Correct Usage steps:


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    Hi, I currently have BPS Pro installed. It has been running fine for the past 1-2 months, however, over the course of the last week a lot of issues have been surfacing. The first issue i noticed was that my websites logo ( could not been seen, the mobile format was running weird too ( it displayed html code at times), i tried deactivating all plugins and reactivating it. Thats when BPS Pro acted up,

    issue #1: I updated my theme without turning off auto restore(i did this once before), and now my FlexSlider images are not showing on the website. The last time i updated my theme, this did not happen. My images are still present in the media lib but the flex slider header does not show anything.

    Issue #2: After deactivating/reactivating my plugins, I’m unable to access any of the BPS Pro pages at times( showing just one black line across the page), I would have to deactivate the plugin(at times i couldn’t), or visit my site then go back to the dashboard to access again.

    Issue #3 : i noticed my Php error log and it has this whole list of all my images and states for all my images, i’m wondering if that has got to do with issue #1
    [15-Jul-2016 06:47:51 UTC] Aq_Resize.process() error: Image must be local:

    Issue #4 : I tried excluding the files to prevent Quarantine messages from flooding (it usually quarantined /home/snethic0/public_html/php_mail.log ,However, i can only reach step 1(create DB), once i hit on step 2 (create filter), issue #2 arises again.

    I also can’t back up my files on the ARQ page, (it shows “Processing…” but never loads finish) , issue #2 will always arise and it renders all my actions useless.

    Completely lost right now and I don’t know what to do!

    AITpro Admin

    @ snethic – It sounds like all of the problems are related to problem #1 – theme files being quarantined.  Are you able to restore your theme files from Quarantine?


    yes i have, the only files in quarantine right now(241 of them) are php_mail.log (once i restore them they just keep coming back, i can’t exclude them without issue #2 popping up).

    Just a question, if i DELETED (i’m not sure if i ticked the option), instead of restored the quarantined files, is there any way to reverse it? and will re-installing BPS Pro save the plugin/website?

    AITpro Admin

    @ snethic – Oh I thought theme files were quarantined.  Maybe the problems are related to your WordPress installation itself.  Try reinstalling WordPress on the Dashboard > Updates page > Re-Install Now button.  Also reinstall BPS Pro using the BPS Pro upload zip installer, but it sounds like the problems may not be related to BPS Pro.  Also try the BPS Pro troubleshooting steps and see if that makes any difference when trying to do the things that are not working correctly or oddly:  If none of these things fix whatever the problem is then send a WordPress Administrator login to this website to:  info at ait-pro dot com so I can login and figure out what is causing the problems.


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    updated my theme and forgot to turn autorestore off before doing so. this resulted in hundreds of files going into quarantine. so i turned off autorestore, and then restored the files that were in quarantine…

    apparently this was not a good idea because the site crashed and is showing a http 500 error. i am unable to access any area of the backend or frontend.

    what i’ve tried to fix the issue via filezilla:

    • deleting htaccess in root
    • deleting htaccess in wp-admin
    • deactivating bps pro by renaming to “_bulletproof-security”

    site is still down. any idea why this is happening?


    fyi i’ve reactivated the bp_security plugin folder and added back all htaccess files so that you can see the state of everything exactly as it was post-crash

    further investigation: i found a similar thread on your forum where you mention lingering caching codes causing issues in the wp-config file. this site previously had w3 and super-cache installed so maybe that is a solid clue?

    i’ve made a backup of wp-config.php and uploaded a new version with the selected text on the screenshot below removed. unfortunately there was no noticeable change after removing this bit of code:

    AITpro Admin

    @ armintz – You do not need to turn Off AutoRestore when updating Themes as long as you have a current version of BPS Pro installed.  The most current version of BPS Pro is 12.3. ARQ Automation in BPS Pro 12+ versions will automatically backup theme files.  Manually turning ARQ off can actually cause a problem unless you remember to manually backup theme files before turning ARQ back On.

    Since you are not able to view your site then you will need to do these XTF Form stand-alone usage steps:

    XTF Form Stand-Alone Website Root Folder Usage
    Use the steps below to copy the xternal.php file to your website root folder if you are seeing a 403 error or are unable to access the XTF Form using the normal XTF Form URL: /wp-content/plugins/bulletproof-security/admin/xternal/xternal.php.

    1. Unzip the file on your computer or use FTP and download the /bulletproof-security/admin/xternal/xternal.php file from your website.
    2. Use FTP and rename the /bulletproof-security plugin folder to /_bulletproof-security.
    3. Use FTP and upload the xternal.php file to your website root folder.
    4. Go to the Xternal Tools page in your Browser:
    5. Enter your DB Username and Password from your wp-config.php file to view/access/unlock the BPS Pro Xternal Tools Form.
    6. Choose the XTF Form options you want to use.
    7. Click the Lock Xternal Tools Form button after you are done using the XTF Form to lock the XTF Form.
    8.  Use FTP and rename the /_bulletproof-security plugin folder back to /bulletproof-security.

    1. Use the BPS Pro Xternal Tools Form to deactivate/turn Off AutoRestore – see above.
    XTF Guide:
    XTF Video Tutorial:
    2. Either restore your theme folder from a file backup or use FTP or your web host control panel file manager and delete your old Theme folder and upload a new Theme folder or delete your old Theme folder, login and install your Theme again.
    3. Either run the Pre-Installation & Setup Wizard again or go to AutoRestore and click the wp-content Folder >>> Backup Files button to backup your new Theme files and turn AutoRestore back On.


    I completed step 4, on step 5 I see this: Fatal error:  Call to undefined function esc_html() in xternal.php on line 53

    AITpro Admin

    @ armintz – That error means some WP Core files are missing and were probably quarantined. Use FTP and download the “root-files” folder to your computer:  /wp-content/bps-backup/autorestore/root-files/.  Then upload all the files in the “root-files” folder to your WordPress installation folder (the folder where your WordPress site is installed).

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