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    AITpro Admin

    Setup Wizard AutoFix (AutoWhitelist|AutoSetup|AutoCleanup) was created in the BPS/BPS Pro Setup Wizard on 6-2017, which automatically creates fixes/whitelist rules for 100+ known issues > Setup Wizard AutoFix. Any new issues/problems/conflicts with other plugins are added to Setup Wizard AutoFix regularly.

    The Short Version/Explanation:
    Use the Search Forums window in the right Sidebar and enter a plugin name or search phrase.  Search using Show Topics only first.  If you do not find what you are looking for uncheck Show Topics only and check Show Topics & Replies and run the search again.

    BPS and BPS Pro Troubleshooting Steps

    The Long Version/Explanation:
    Maximum Searchability for Relevant Search Results
    We very carefully maintain, organize and manage this Forum site for maximum searchability that produces only relevant search results.  The bbPress Search Forums Widget in the right Sidebar has been enhanced with additional search features to get relevant search results as quickly and easily as possible.  We are very careful about adding Tags to Forum Topics so that only relevant Tags are added to Forum Topics.  The Topic Tag links in the right Sidebar can be clicked on to display all Forum Topics with those Tags added to those Topics.

    Optimum Search Methods & Search Terms
    By default the Search Forums Widget is set to Show Topics only which will produce search results that only display the main Forum Topic where those search terms are found.  The number of search results is significantly less than using the Show Topics & Replies search option.  If you do not find what you are looking for by first using the default Show Topics only search option then try the Show Topics & Replies search option next.  

    Example Search / Search Terms:  If you are looking for a “fix” for a particular plugin that BPS is actively blocking then enter that plugin’s name in the Search Window, leave the default Show Topics only search option selected and click the Search button.  The search results will display all Forum Topics related to the plugin name that you entered / searched for.  If you are looking for a particular error message or other search phrase then enter that error message or search phrase.  If you do not find what you are looking for by first using the default Show Topics only search option then try the Show Topics & Replies search option next.

    Terminology – Plugin Conflict vs Actively Blocking vs Plugin Compatibility:

    Plugin Conflict:  A plugin conflict would be a scenario where you are using 2 plugins or plugin features that do the exact or a very similar thing.  Example:  You are using 2 Login Security features on your website.  If both Login Security features are calling the same WordPress Hooks (actions and/or filters) then the 2 plugins will compete with each other and 1 plugin will always override the other plugin.  The solution is to choose whichever Login Security feature you want to use in either Plugin and then turn off the Login Security feature in the other plugin.

    Actively Blocking:  BPS is a security plugin that checks for and blocks malicious attack strings as well as a number of other potentially malicious things that could be an attack against your website.  If BPS blocks something legitimate in another Plugin or Theme because it matches a hacking attack or other malicious attack against your website then a whitelist (exclude) rule can be quickly and easily created using BPS Custom Code to allow (whitelist) whatever is being blocked in another Plugin or Theme.  BPS Pro ONLY:  The BPS Pro Plugin Firewall protects the WordPress Plugins folder and all plugins in the plugins folder.  See this Forum topic link for additional help information about the Plugin Firewall:

    Plugin Compatibility:  There is only 1 general plugin compatibility issue that we are aware of – Several BPS Pro (affects BPS Pro ONLY) features do not work on the JobRoller Theme due to the way the JobRoller Theme is designed to be a “complete package” or “stand-alone” Theme and includes built-in plugins that handle all functionality.  BPS is primarily an .htaccess code based plugin as far as compatiblity goes with other .htaccess code based plugins such as W3 Total Cache & WP Super Cache for example.  We have designed BPS Custom Code so that it allows easy adding, editing, combining, management of all website .htaccess files and code.  Custom Code allows you to combine other .htaccess code from other .htaccess plugins and create new customized .htaccess files for your website.  Those new .htaccess files will contain both BPS standard .htaccess code and any other plugin’s .htaccess code (combined into 1 file) that you add to BPS Custom Code.  This makes plugin compatibilty with all other .htaccess code plugins a non-issue since customized .htaccess files with combined code can be quickly and easily created with BPS Custom Code.

    BPS and BPS Pro Troubleshooting Steps

    General Help Information, Troubleshooting & Help Resources
    Your BPS Security Log logs blocked hackers, spammers, etc. & also logs anything else that BPS may be blocking in another Plugin or Theme. To confirm or eliminate that BPS is blocking something in another Plugin or Theme, check your BPS Security Log. If you have confirmed that BPS is blocking something in another Plugin or Theme then create a new Forum Topic and post the Security Log entry from your BPS Security Log that shows exactly what is being blocked. A whitelist (exclude) rule can then be created to allow whatever is being blocked by BPS.

    BPS Pro Troubleshooting Steps
    BPS Pro Video Tutorials

    BPS Troubleshooting Steps
    BPS Video Tutorials


    I am getting a huge amount of quarantined files and errors in bulletproof security and am struggling to find a resolution to them.  Do you think you would be able to look at the site and tell me what is going on with it?
    I am a Pro member for the site and will be happy to provide login details in a private message if you ned them.


    AITpro Admin

    Send me your Quarantine log file via direct email so I can see what is going on:  info at ait-pro dot com.  If I need to login after that then I will take care of whatever issue/problem needs to be fixed.  😉


    Hi, I tried replying to your email but it got returned as it was a noreply address.  Is there another address I should send the error logs to?

    AITpro Admin

    Did you use this email address?:


    No, I had just replied to the email notification but didn’t notice the noreply email address.  I have just forwarded the error logs onto you now.

    AITpro Admin

    Got your email and sent you the steps to fix the issues/problems.


    The below list of plugins I have had success with and worked well with BPS Pro. I previously thought I had an issue with BPS Pro so I created a fresh WP install, installed BPS Pro, and 1 plugin at a time with the basic WP theme. Test concluded that it was a non BPS issue. Hope this helps others on the forum.

    BackUpWordPress – Human Made Limited
    BulletProof Security Pro – AITro Website Security
    Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order – NSP-Code
    Duplicate Post – Enrico Bttocchi
    Email Address Encoder – Til Kruss
    Enhanced Plugin Admin – Marios Alexandrou
    FooBox Image Lightbox – FooPlugins
    FooGallery – FooPlugins
    MainWP Child – MainWP
    MainWP Dashboard
    MainWP UpdraftPlus Extension
    McAfee Secure – McAfeeSECURE
    Media Library Assistant – David Lingren
    Ninja Forms – The WP Ninjas
    Post Types Order – NSP Code
    Really Simple SSL
    Secondary Title – Kolja Nolte
    Stripe Payments – Tips and Tricks HQ
    Sucuri Security – Sucuri Inc
    Two Factor – George Staphanis
    UpdraftPlus –
    WP Mail SMTP – WPForms
    WP Rollback – WordImpress
    WP-Optimize – David Anderson


    It’s awesome that there are tens of thousands of plugins made by different developers, all created with the intention of serving different purposes. That said, there is nothing that guarantees that what one developer has created won’t conflict with something else on your site.

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